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The Over-reliance on adding procs to WW is something that I did not think about in my initial post, but reading the patch notes and the doubling down on RNG (at least what it appears you are doing) for the tier has made me think about some things.

Having one or a few abilities that proc make for some minor changes per fight that adds a small amount of variance and decision making to keep each fight slightly different and engaging. The problem comes as you end up adding more and more procs to a spec. BoK, DocJ, If ToTM resets RSK, FLS resets and now an extra SCK proc start to add up adding more and more and more plates to keep spinning while preplanning your energy usage and chi spenders, as well as lining up CD’s.

All this goes back to my original reply here, that WW is feeling more and more clunky as time goes on, removed from the base rotation that is very smooth to play.

Seiryoku makes very valid points above about the developers lack of awareness and/or selective hearing when it comes to feedback about Windwalker. Do what Seiryoku says, Join the Monk Discord, keep yourself incognito if you wish, but for the love of god contact someone who knows and plays the spec as it very much seems like WW has a dev who doesn’t actively play the spec, and hasn’t in a while.

Alright back for another update due to the new tierset changes.

Windfoot is now on a proc based system with 1.5 procs per minute, dance of chiji also produces a blackout reinforcement proc and the proc has been buffed.


Here’s how: For serenity, windwalker has no downtime in its rotation currently. This means that we simply do not have the globals to use the free spinning crane kick procs. Instead, we will prefer to cancel them, every single time. If u stop that, we will just let the buff run out/overwrite itself because it’s better not to spend the proc than to press spinning crane kick. U want to cancel the buff because it still leads to the blackout reinforcement buff which is actually pretty good. This also largely applies to storm, earth and fire except for a small amount of situations where we may experience downtime.

During bloodlust, this problem for serenity becomes even more degenerate. Because we have so much cooldown reduction and so many important abilities to press during bloodlust, we will even cancel our dance of chiji procs because we simply cannot spend them.

This is clearly unintended and not supposed to happen, but is by far the best way to play with this tierset on single target right now. Please fix it.



Despite the Clouded Focus and Invigorating Mists (8+ targets) nerfs, the buffs to Soothing Mists and the 2/4-piece tier are pushing us heavily towards a Clouded Focus build come 10.2. Moreover, several encounters lend well to Clouded Focus because of its ability to heal priority NPCs quickly. This means the Ancient Teachings + Chi-Ji build (from Vault and previous tiers) will fall behind.

EDIT: Obligatory reminder that several Ancient Teachings/Chi-Ji abilities (+ Essence Font) are not contributing to the tier set.

In the interest of promoting build diversity by closing the gap between these builds, please consider buffing any of the following:

  • Ancient Teachings
  • Chi-Ji
  • Awakened Concordance + Awakened Faeline (for single target)
  • Essence Font

Although a lot of MWs enjoy Clouded Focus, it is a vastly different playstyle which requires you to plant and hardcast a lot more than you would with Ancient Teachings. Ancient Teachings-focused builds allow MWs to play similarly to Holy Paladins, as melee ‘DPS’ healers with a lot less casting. The dominance of Soothing Mist gameplay is pushing some players away from MWs when the ideal situation is to make both builds shine.

After reading the recent changes I can only come to the same conclusion as the other Windwalkers above me. No matter how you adjust the 2pc proc chance as long as low dmg global (spinning crane kick) is in there are a requirement to move the bonus forward. Community members on the class discord suggest that SCK dmg during 2pc would need to be around 300% or blackout kick 400% for this to actually become a dps gain in single target. The size of these buffs just reflects how far away we are from to make this work.

We are at the point where canceling the windfoot buff or letting it expire to gain blackout empowerment is the play, which is hopefully not intended and will be fixed.

please just remove the rng on the tier set and give an alternative to spinning crane kick

maybe offtopic but when was the last time windwalker got any kind of talent tree changes that switched talent positions or single talent reworks? it just feels like the spec got completely abandoned since dragonflight release

Hello Mistweavers!

We have a few updates planned for Guardians of the Dream and we’d like to share some of our thoughts here.

Defensiveness and Healing Elixir Updates

Mistweaver is squishier than we would like, particularly for a primarily melee-based healer, and its defensive toolkit is based mainly around active spell use. We don’t feel it’s appropriate to ask Mistweavers to actively manage nearly every part of their defensive kit to play at the highest level, so we want to explore passivity for Healing Elixir.

We also agree there is room for improvement with the current updated passive design and players can expect updates in upcoming PTR builds that are intended to provide value while the low health effect is not needed.

This passive update also gives us room to make modifications without straining key binding space to a certain personal defensive element of Mistweaver’s toolkit that is currently out of use – namely Expel Harm.

Expel Harm

Several changes to Expel Harm have been made to increase its viability for Mistweaver and fully integrate it into the kit. This isn’t an off-global option like Healing Elixir was, so it can instead be much more impactful while reducing the total APM required to play Mistweaver optimally in tense moments. This is a bit of a trade off, but we’re hoping the overall feel is like Healing Elixir but punchier. Additionally, the Soothing Mist functionality for Expel Harm will be removed to avoid having to tune around healing allies.

We also think this may help the class talent tree feel more satisfying to path through, as Expel Harm talents will be more of an enticing option. Hopefully these updates in totality will help Mistweaver defensively while making it more satisfying and approachable.

Guardians of the Dream Tier Set

We’re aware of several functionality issues including some healing spells not being counted towards its accumulation. All healing (aside from other accumulators such as Chi Harmony itself and Lesson of Anger) is intended to contribute to the final healing. We’re looking to address this in future PTR builds.

Thank you and we look forward to your continued feedback!


Any hope windwalker and brewmaster can share the joy also since expel harm is class wide spell? I will take it!

Thank you Kaivax, this is the kind of communication we love to see more of. Now I don’t mean to seem too opportunistic, but any chance you can go and poke the guys working on ww until they do a blue post as well? :innocent:

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Huh? Brew and ww use expel harm. It’s the main way to gather celestal orbs and heal as brew and it generates 1 chi as ww when you have nothing to press (also counts toward mastery combo).
Mist is the only spec that didn’t really have a use for it.

Ahem… anyways back on topic.

I don’t quite understand the change. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the low hp auto trigger healing elixir just not count towards the current stacks of healing elixir and just have it’s own internal CD? Leaving us with the existing healing elixir to triage ourselves?

I do agree that mist is squishy and that is why i run a spore cloak. Just, i don’t feel like swapping healing elixir, an off-gcd, with a on gcd expel harm is gonna make us any more survivable. Healing elixir is especially useful to allow me to heal myself quickly and a priority target cause i’m not gcd locked. This expel harm sounds like it will end with one of us dead.
An absorb shield like the spore cloak does would be a much more desireable tool. A self mini jade cocoon perhaps?

Finally it’s just that this will end with the same bloat. We currently don’t use expel harm. Removing elixir and making expel relevant will leave us with the same number of buttons. Expel will have to be really powerful to make this gambit worthwhile and i don’t see you allowing that to happen with the low CD it has.

In short, it would be much better to not reduce the existing survivability tools if the objective is to increase survivability and just add passive ones. I am enamored with the idea of the mini jade cocoon. That would really do the trick.


Firstly, thank you for the open communication. It is a relief to myself & other MWs that the 4-set was indeed supposed to capture all healing. I am hoping that this change means that MWs will not need to worry about chasing Chi Harmony targets quite as much, although that will still be …yet another mini-game.

One thing I am concerned about is the fact that Vivify beyond x targets now has a SQRT scaling. Due to the nature of Dancing Mists, we have varying amounts of ReM out on the raid at any given time - infact, we frequently have a high ReM count during times of low, but consistent, raid damage. My concern is that it is very common to have such a scenario which also has 3-5 prio targets requiring intensive healing. Even though our Vivify may be completely overhealing an additional 5 targets (for a total of, say, 10 ReMs), the player’s Vivify healing is weakened on the targets who actually need triage healing. This leads to the player feeling punished when it isn’t even in their control. In 10.1, more ReMs were always a good thing, but this is no longer necessarily the case. Yes, this may be a “RWF” or “0.1%” issue, but I believe it is an inherently poor design. This is not to flame the MW developer, of course. If the SQRT nerf is implemented, I ask that perhaps it only kicks in when x targets are being actively healed - even if it’s still not a perfect system, it would still alleviate this issue a touch.

It has been hard to give feedback with the current tier as it has, obviously, been bugged. Even with Invigorating Mist etc going into Chi Harmony, I am concerned that the tier-set is going to feel quite clunky. MWs will still be incentivized to actively chase Chi Harmony targets created by Rapid Diffusion during Yu’lon, and we are still going to be incentivized to massively, if not grotesquely, overheal. MW feels a few steps behind, constantly, because we are having to purposefully put ReM on, let’s say, 2x debuff targets (so, 2 GCDs), into SoOM (even buffed, it doesn’t take the role of a Vivify in terms of spot-healing), meaning we’re already 3 GCDs “behind” other healers who only have to use 1 button (looking at you, Glimmer). Not only that, but we’ve also essentially “wasted” a portion of the initial target’s Chi Harmony. Due to the fact CH lasts roughly the same duration as the CD of ReM & RSK, there’s this weird, conflicting priority system. The playstyle just kind of suffers, for example, in a world where there optimal rotation is RSK → MT → ReM on self → SoOM (if abusing things like Escape from Reality/Guardian Spirit/Blessing of Spring, etc). In this situation, RSK feels like a nuisance.

The general community consesus that I have been privy to thus far has similarly shared this opinion with me: MW is starting to become over-the-top & micro-manage-y. We may drop Misty Peaks and choose to run Sheilun’s & Focused Thunder, instead. At the highest level, this is already quite a lot of micro-management required - yes, I know, Blizzard should not tune around RWF players. However, I am tempted to ask: who exactly ARE Blizzard tuning MW for, then? Current MW has one of the highest barriers for entry that I have seen in a long-time: it plays completely differently to any other healer, including Disc (which it is the closest to). In 10.2 we will also have Lifecycles/Mana Tea to manage, as well as FT TFT, Sheilun’s (specifically Shaohao’s cycling), Chi Harmony target chasing & Chi Harmony initial application. All of these things need to be done whilst one is mindful of their upcoming Yu’lon timers, as it is very easy to …kind of mess up any aspect of the spec? Desyncing TFT from YL, for example, is very easily done. Not cycling through the objectively worse Shaohao’s Lessons also is quite impactful. On-top of all that, MW players are constantly trying to mitigate RNG by actively choosing to Renewing Mist targets which already have ReM on them, when the player recognizes that there is another injured target - meaning that the ReM will, in theory, bounce (and thus optimize their chances of a Dancing Mist proc). I don’t know, it just… seems like a lot.

Misty Peaks being nerfed inadvertedly nerfed Dancing Mist, Rising Mist & Rapid Diffusion, and I would have liked to see some sort of power being put into the ramp as compensation - but not just numbers. Some kind of actual reliability is something I think MW desperately craves. Frankly, if I had it my way, I would just have doubled down & made it melee Disc - but that is why I am not a dev. I am biased, because the RWF craves stable healing, but I would genuinely rather do about half of our output but be able to consistently and reliably heal more targets. Looping back to what I discussed earlier, a pain-point of MW the fact we are intrinsically unreliable and RNG-dependent. A Paladin can keep a prio target Glimmered, a Disc can keep them Atoned, a Druid can HoT DoT targets, etcetera. Fundamentally, Mistweaver is two-steps behind, because I cannot even control if my ReMs decide to bounce off of a prio target due to them randomly receiving a critical heal from someone else (AND it could potentially take multiple globals to set them up if Rapid Diffusion is not playing favorably), and that is not satisfying gameplay.

I enjoy the current ramp-based playstyle, but I feel as though MW is in this weird, hybrid state. I don’t know, perhaps I am shouting into the void a bit here, because I think these are more fundamental issues plaguing MW, and thus cannot really be addressed in the span of a few weeks or months.

In terms of survivability, MW does feel squishy at times, so I am interested to see how they approach Expel Harm. I hope it will indeed be quite punchy if it will not be oGCD. I understand why people may dislike the Healing Elixir change, as people find MW taxing for other reasons, & it seems a bit odd to try to address the button-bloat via HE. I used HE a lot in Season 1 and found it incredibly useful in M+. Hah, even in split raids on ratty characters or during this tier’s progression on certain bosses. I will hold off until I see the passive changes to it, though.

Sorry for the long-winded post, haha.


Everybody is getting reworks fixes, adjusments. I see talents you guys coming up for other classes that could alone be very good base for a season tier set. I can see thru those ideas the curiosity and ambition coming from creators.

Our love to monk class is not any weaker than your love to demon hunters, paladins and rogues.

We ask you please take this oportunity to make at least half of the efford you put to rest of the classes. Give something new to the trees. Dont fill nodes just for the sake of it. Dont make us spent nodes points for smth we had as base before. Fix autoattacking druring channels for instance. There is so many ideas on eu and us forums. Take it.

The tier set for windwalker is really bad. I dont want to use it. Is is somehting I am not looking forward getting. Probably becasue you allready have it written and coded by some poor fellow. We allready have half of it in talents. It even makes the same sound. I doesnt introduce anything new to the rotation.
I can most liekly just not take blockout kick and SCK rellated talent and do the same without tier set and enjoy secondaries I choose.

Please for the love of Grand Master.

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monks face several issues this patch. We have notorious scaling issues, with this season being a bigger ilvl jump we are already going to fall behind slightly. A lot of DPS classes are now getting access to a legendary, buffed, reworked or have a significantly stronger tier set. Which presents a problem.

As someone who has been a monk main since January, and has struggle to find a spec that feels at home since combat rogue moved to outlaw, i’m disappointed in this tier.

We don’t need reworking, but i would like an option to go with a build not centered around ToD (feels sweaty) or Faeline (awkward). I was looking forward to the CDR on WDP, but right now its underwhelming. We will lose ST dps moving to this, and not really gain anything in AoE.

Please drastically changes it’s CDR, and buff the spells that are effected, or change the tier completely.

I’ve only talked about the tier set in this thread, but you’ve reminded me of the scaling issues. The bigger ilvl leap is probably not going to be a slight problem.

On the monk community discord, we’ve always tried to assuage concerns about scaling by pointing out that tuning can alleviate those growing gaps entirely, as long as it is done with some frequency. In fact, it gave us a much needed and quite possibly sufficient boost during season 2.

However, the frequency of tuning patches (at least the ones that windwalker has benefited from) has not been high enough to neutralize the scaling issues that we’re going to face in season 3. We’re going to fall behind hard in the months following the season 3 launch, and I truly hope that the tier set will have been salvaged to provide some buffer for us by then, but more than anything I pray that the devs will take actions to address this problem in the long term soon. It’s a complex problem, and although we’ve suggested many small changes to help with it, I don’t know if any or even all of those would result in a healthily scaling spec, but that first step needs to be taken.


How timely.

Mr MarcelianOnline Just posted a video on YT that would be a great starting point to introduce the sad monk reality. Already pointing out most ugliest. Thank you for taking the time. I invite everybody to watch it.

He also mentions most prominent personas in monk community that did their share guiding monks and spreading some good inspiration too. Mr Babaylonius and Mr Anomoly.

It is hard too find better waygate to the the specifics.

My thinking is that. No matter how good, fairy tale tier set you will come up with(or dont). The problems with monks are on foundation level and it will allways stink right thru it. It is counter productive and bad. It works against you.

This just looks like if you could get any attention. That would be the time. So I am takaing my chance.


With the PTR build that went live moments ago:

  • MONK
    • Mistweaver
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope (4) Set Bonus: Fixed an issue that caused some healing spells to not properly contribute to Chi Harmony.
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope (4) Set Bonus: Fixed an issue that caused some healing spells to double dip contribution to Chi Harmony.
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope (4) Set Bonus: Now accumulates up to 15% of healing done (was 20%).
      • Healing Elixir now additionally heals if excess healing elixirs are generated.
      • Healing Elixir now restores 20% of maximum health (was 15%).
      • Healing Elixir now automatically triggers at 40% health (was 35%).
      • Expel Harm now costs 1.4% base mana (was 3%).
      • Expel Harm healing increased by 550%.
      • Expel Harm now deals damage equal to 25% of the amount healed (was 10%).
      • Expel Harm’s damage range increased to 20 yards (was 8 yards).
      • Strength of Spirit now increases the healing of Expel Harm by up to 30% (was 100%).
      • Profound Rebuttal now increases the critical healing of Expel Harm by 15% (was 50%).
      • Expel Harm can no longer be cast on allies during Soothing Mist.
      • Unison now duplicates 75% of Soothing Mist healing done (was 100%).
      • Enveloping Breath healing decreased by 20%.
      • Invigorating Mist’s healing visual is now only visible to the caster.
      • Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 20%. Does not apply in PvP combat.
      • Calming Presence now reduces damage taken by 6% (was 3%). Does not apply in PvP combat.
    • Windwalker
      • Developers’ note: We heard community feedback that the additional Spinning Crane Kicks granted by Windfoot were difficult to fit into the rotation and Blackout Reinforcement alone was not an impactful enough payoff. Windfoot has been removed and the set will now directly grant Blackout Reinforcement. Additionally, free Spinning Crane Kicks should now more reliably and consistently grant Blackout Reinforcement. As always, we will continue to monitor feedback around this bonus and appreciate the testing the community has put forth.
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope (2) Set Bonus has been redesigned: Free Spinning Crane Kicks grant Blackout Reinforcement, increasing the damage of your next Blackout Kick by 150%. Melee abilities have a chance to grant Blackout Reinforcement.
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope (4) Set Bonus has been redesigned: Blackout Reinforcement empowered Blackout Kicks reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury, Rising Sun Kick, Strike of the Windlord, and Whirling Dragon Punch by 3 seconds.
      • Spinning Crane Kicks cast during Serenity now correctly grant Blackout Reinforcement.
      • Blackout Reinforcement is correctly removed at the start of Mythic+ dungeons and raid encounters.
      • Blackout Reinforcement can no longer be canceled. Usage of Cancelaura macros on Dance of Chi-Ji without casting a Spinning Crane Kick will no longer grant Blackout Reinforcement.

Appreciate the work. Hopefully bandaid will stop in the future and you care more about an rework of the WW class itself.

I am very glad that our feedback is being heard and considered, and this change is a huge step in the right direction for sure. Please do not interpret the following as any indication that I wasn’t very happy to see the blue post :slight_smile:

It’s… not really enough. Preliminary math from the “cancelling” gameplay before the change suggested a combined 2+4p value of about 8%, so we can expect this new iteration to be similar or slightly higher than that. We’ll be optimistic and call it 10%. Overall, that’s an okay value for a tier set, albeit on the lower end across the board. That’s all well and good, but windwalker is not a spec with fantastic baseline performance, so a low-end tier set is kind of… bad. We’d love to see some more tuning, but I maintain my concern from my last post that the numbers have to become kind of stupid in order to achieve a “good” value tier set. (That said, there’s a new consideration in regards to serenity windows, so maybe it’s better than we think. This needs to be carefully observed both by the community and especially by the devs.)

Alright, that’s the numerical part. The gameplay part is certainly improved considerably by not forcing us to cast wet noodle spinning crane kicks in single target, but a large problem remains: it’s highly rng-dependant. Granting (ever-increasing) amounts of cooldown reduction on a semi-random proc is problematic, since you can’t rely on the “new” cooldowns for any spells and it will frequently occur at inopportune times. For example, Rising Sun Kick will now have its cooldown nearly halved when the set procs and the buff is consumed. That means it will only grant its full value about half the time, and even then only if the player manages to save chi to cast the spell immediately when available. Frankly, I don’t have any great solutions to this problem other than just tying the blackout reinforcement buff to a specific spell, such as FoF (with adjusted values to compensate for the frequency), and getting rid of the rng element altogether. Even that solution isn’t perfect, because there’s still a risk of getting too much CDR (and yeah I know, impossible to please, sorry about that :P). As I touched upon earlier, if you have too much cooldown reduction, you’re just going to run into situations where you let rsk and fof sit off cd because you don’t have enough chi to cast them, creating exactly the kind of rotation droughts that the set was originally designed to counter. This is purely a problem of perception, since you do technically get more casts, but it will feel weird and possibly bad.

As a side note, I’m slightly worried that the current iteration has given up too much aoe value in order to fix its problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you removed the free sck proc, but I would’ve liked to see some compensation for the loss in aoe. Ironically, perhaps the empowered blackout kicks could stack a damage buff for the next spinning crane kick. This can easily be saved for a dance of chi-ji proc in single target, and would provide a consistent aoe increase through regular sck usage.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the attention that we’ve gotten this week, I really am overall positive about these changes, and I’m hopeful that it will be the first step towards a product we can all enjoy. That said, please do continue to iterate on the tier set, particularly the rng aspect and the cdr aspect.

(and thank you for poking the ww dev like I asked :slight_smile: )


Good changes, but not quite what i’d like to see.

The 2 Set still pushes us into pressing SCK in Single Target, probably even more now because it works during Serenity.
I personally think it’s quite awkward to press your AoE Spender in Single Target, atleast it’s a bit more controlled now compared to it’s previous iterations.

The 4 Set is also quite awkward, especially when the reasoning for the rework of the 2 Set was “…were difficult to fit into the rotation”
Adding more Cooldown Reduction isn’t going to help that and will just shift the problem to other abilities, though I do admit we are kinda flooded with resources this expansion.

In my opinion, the most exciting part of that cooldown reduction lies in Strike of the Windlord, the other abilities are kinda “whatever”, especially Whirling Noodle Dragon Punch.

Maybe scrapping the other abilities in that list and just focusing on Strike of the Windlord would make it more appealing?
Something like

4 Set: Blackout Reinforcement empowered Blackout Kicks reduce the cooldown of Strike of the Windlord by x seconds and increase the damage of your next Strike of the Windlord by x%

Thank you very much for the detailed Post and the changes, Kaivax. It really is appreciated.

Now that windwalker officially has a workable tierset iteration, I will post a detailed analysis:

TLDNR: The current tierset is now a solid foundation that definitely has a few unintended problems which need to be addressed. Big step up from the last version though.


Starting with the good changes for the windwalker tierset, there’s actually quite a bit:

  1. SCK during Serenity:
    Adding the Spinning Crane Kicks during Serenity is a large improvement to the set bonus which will most likely shake up our aoe rotation and boost the tiersets value in aoe alot. The impact on single target is also potentially very potent IF the numbers match.

  2. Blackout kick pumps:
    The 2set in general leads to a significant increase in damage for blackout kick, while also not being a very boring flat damage bonus (which would be the alternative).

  3. Significant cooldown reduction for strike of the windlord:
    The tierset significantly reduces the cooldown of strike of the windlord, especially in AoE situations.


However, with the current design, a few unintended issues arise when playing with this tierset:

  1. Overwriting Blackout Reinforcement stacks:
    As the title says, right now there is a decent chance to waste Blackout Reinforcement procs due to it randomly proccing from an ability while you already have the buff active. This feels very bad since the buff is very good and is a significant loss for the tierset bonus.

  2. Ability Overload:
    Buffing the 4pc to 3 seconds was a necessary choice due to it having too little impact previously. However, the regular usage of this procs can quickly lead into situations where most of your abilities reset at the same time. This is a problem because we do not produce enough chi to use all of our spenders at once. I will give a quick example:

U use a dance of chiji proc into a blackout kick. This reduced all of your cooldowns so now fists of fury and rising sun kick are available. However, faeline harmony also needs to be refreshed at the same time and ur original blackout kick produces another Blackout Reinforcement Proc.

In the end, windwalker simply cannot use the burst cooldown reduction properly because we lack the burst chi generation to do so. This causes large amounts of the cooldown reduction to be potentially wasted.

  1. WDP Cooldown reduction:

Wdp getting its cooldown reduced by the 4pc is simply a waste of a part of the set bonus because whirling dragon punch simply does not do enough damage to be taken.


  1. Overwriting blackout reinforcement stacks can easily be fixed allowing the bonus to stack multiple times, while only consuming one stack at a time. Alternatively a change to a trigger ability that creates a buff window with a respective blackout kick damage buff could also be used.

  2. As described, windwalker cannot use burst cooldown reduction. However, consistent cooldown reduction works very well for us. This is why I propose for every blackout kick to provide additional cooldown reduction. This value of course then needs to be lowered from 3 seconds (probably to 1.5-2 seconds).

  3. Buff whirling dragon punch. By alot. (100-150% probably) Alternatively, make it reduce invoke xuen.

Thanks to everyone for sticking out to read this and remember.

Monk is love. Monk is life.

These changes… well it is something, but i feel like blizzard trying the wrong path. Slight curves on the road wont really set us to finishing line. We need a U turn. Im not dooming btw just we are focusing the wrong things.
I mean set already changed a lot and as mentioned earlier gonna need a lot more changes to be an ok tier set. In the end we may get completly different set from what released at start, and if blizzard feels like “man we gonna rework this set” i suggest them do it as early as possible so community can give feedbacks.

If we absolutely gonna play BR and CDR set then i can add few things.
First all of removing to need of pressing SCK button is good but now set is less powerfull in aoe. So i suggest when set procs we should “trigger” a SCK and get BR buff. Like “Dawn of Glory” talent. So doing just a bit aoe damage with proc. Why ? i mean im trying to keep the theme basicly.
Other one is wasting set tier proc. Keeping it just 1 stack is pretty bad. in the other hand getting too much CDR is also waste. So if can get multiple stacks and BoK consume all stacks at once we gonna get too much CDR. So extra stacks can give Chi instead of CDR. Like if you have
3 stacks = 3 secs CDR and 2 Chi
with 3 sec CDR u most likely get RSK off cd and now u have 2 chi to instantly use it. Numbers can change

I know what my suggest is very little impact on what we have with last ptr release. But this theme realy limits the balanced ideas. Like i have few ideas that could make this set totally broken… i mean u know this is not what we trying to accomplish here