Feedback: Non-Class-Set Item Rewards


Please use this thread for any feedback or bugs related to non-class set item rewards such as trinkets or special items with additional effects. Many of these items can be found on Trinketaur in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

A few questions you might ask yourself as you try them out include:

  • Is the tooltip’s description of the item’s effects reasonably clear?
  • Is the item’s role clear?
  • Does the item feel powerful and rewarding to use?
  • Are any mechanics particularly clunky or unfun?
  • Do the visual effects match your expectation of the fantasy? Do they distract from the rest of your gameplay?

Feel free to share anything else that comes to mind, and thanks in advance for your feedback!

With the new change in mind (DPS trinkets and items doing less damage for tanks and healer specs), it would be worth noting clearly which trinkets are affected by it.

For instance, the Foul Behemoth’s Chelicera deals significant damage and offers trickle healing and HP increase, so it looks like a tank trinket. However, does the damage get reduced for tanks? What about healers, will they get same benefits?

I think an additional sentence along the lines of “The damage is increased for [damage dealer/tank] specializations.” would be nice to have to easily distinguish it.

Also, I think it would be good to hear more on the healer side of things. Can we expect healer-specific trinkets that deal damage in addition to healing effects? Oftentimes healer toolkit is sufficient to deal with incoming damage and trinkets are limited by proc chance or long cooldowns to make them worthwhile to use in lieu of own class cooldowns. This might result in unintended play where healers still pick DPS trinkets and just live through the 33% tax on its effectiveness.

Lastly, cantrip weapons. To use a weapon available in current season of Dragonflight - Stormlash, a warglaive, and therefore a Demon Hunter unique weapon with a damage cantrip. Would Vengeance DH using similar weapon in TWW do less cantrip damage than Havoc? If yes, would the budget from reduced damage be transferred over to agility, stamina, and/or secondary stats, or would VDH would just be taxed by using a DH-specific weapon?

I have a systematic issue with the trinkets. This is not a new thing but blizzard is moving in this direction at an alarming rate.

Lately, trinkets are designed in a way that forces clunky interractions and justifies it with a greater effect. Few examples:

  • Static-Charged Scale (world boss): self-inflicted nature damage to get int
  • Desperate Invoker’s Codex (raszageth): self damage to do damage
  • Icon/OCE(council/experiments): different roles/allignments give different extra buffs
  • Neltharion’s Call to Chaos(neltharion): procs mainstat only from aoe tag spells and gives 5% more damage taken
  • Ashes of the Embersoul(smolderon): on-use int then minus haste as punishment
  • Belor’relos, the Suncaller(tindral): on-use damage then huge dot as punishment
  • Ruby Whelp Shell(RLP): see wowhead wall of text
  • Time-Breaching Talon(ULD): on-use get int, lose int

Those are the wierdest ones ONLY from Dragonflight not counting weapons, trinkets and embellishments. Now to the new expansions FIRST patch:

  • Field Operative’s Transmitter: short, random int buff based on an RPPM stacking
  • Harvester’s Edict: spawns a suicide bomber at 250% movespeed, if you intercept you get mastery
  • Remnant of Darkness: stacking int, then morphing into a Shadow fiend to be “forced” in melee range for damage
  • Mereldar’s Toll: on-use damage, buffing vers to next 5 friendly attackers
  • Signet of the Priory: on-use secondary stat that also grants stats to PARTYWIDE same trinket users
  • the list goes on and on

Why can’t you be normal? What happened to trinkets that just procced stats for ~20sec, granted stats without requirements on-use, procced damage without requirements. Feels like most of the new trinkets are made to harass the user into different playstyles just because there are no good alternatives. Just to think about the most recent one, whats up with Belorrelos. Do I grief my raid for playing a way worse trinket or I grief my raid for forcing healers to deal with the dot. Again, why aren’t there normal, good trinkets. I hate that EVERY trinket has to be special, it’s just so dumb and disheartening.

Semi related:

Why did you stop adding proc rates to trinket descriptions? IIRC the first time you improved this was in Throne of Thunder, where we could see ACTUAL RPPM values on the tooltips, then somehow this stopped with Legion. In BFA, we started getting trinkets that were literal paragraphs(THD and many others meme about this until this day still and the worst part is that its 100% true), then in Shadowlands you made IQD that required a WeakAura to be utilized properly cuz someone was hehe and refused to add a tooltip (to be fair, they probably ran into character limit when trying). Now we played Dragonflight with offenders stated above, and we are getting closer to TWW with another batch of stuff that might be bugged for years and noone will ever know it since noone knows how it’s supposed to work. Wowhead datamining did 10x the work to make your in-game items accessible to everyone than any tooltip after WoD. How does a “???” tooltip passes QA? It’s not even just a “me” problem. One of your devs had to reply to feedback explaning how Field Operative’s Transmitter SHOULD work because it’s so unclear that we just can’t decide if its bad, bugged or what. If you are keen to add literally 11 lines of effect text to a trinket, there is really 0 excuse to not have the proc rate, ICD or whatever it uses also mentioned. This is so tiring to deal with in a world where devs are actively trying to kill certain weakauras and implement in-game improvements such as the customizable ui, yet I need to read a 3paragraph guide on XY trinkets proc rate, damage scaling in multitarget, extra hidden effects.

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Obligatory snitch post from me
could you look up Darkmoon Decks in general?

Darkmoon Deck: Symbiosis perma proccing giving infinite Versatility thats at a incredible high amount thats completely broken.
Darkmoon Deck: Vivacity
pretty much permanently 10k+ secondary stats depending on what spellschool you deal heavily cheesable with crafted gear for school damage and weapon enchants etc
this trinket can give like 50k secondarys if you force it enough.

Procc rate of those extremely high/broken and the stats they give are way to high.