Feedback: Priests

In this thread, we’ll be testing and talking about Priests in The War Within. Look here for posts from the development team as adjustments and bugfixes are made throughout the testing period.

Please note that off-topic or inappropriate posts will be strictly removed.

The War Within Beta

All classes’ Hero Talent trees are available for testing. Please keep in mind that this is a Beta environment:

  • There may be UI elements on the talent panel that are placeholder, including things like talent icons, text, or final UI art.
  • Some talents may not be functioning yet, or may be marked as not yet implemented (NYI).
  • Some new spell visuals and audio may still be a work in progress.
  • There are some talents that are not fully tuned yet. This is expected, and we will implement tuning adjustments throughout testing.

The combat design team has two big areas of focus at this time:

  • Finish work on changes to talents, especially wherever Hero Talents still need adjustments.
  • Fix bugs that are blocking testing of new talents.

Working from Feedback

Alpha feedback thus far has been of great benefit to us.

Now that we are entering Beta, our focus on Hero Talent trees is shifting away from reworks and design changes and towards tuning and refining. We want to thank you so much for all the forum posts, videos, and discussions all over the internet. Your feedback and impressions have been invaluable for bringing their identities to life and making them fit into what you love about the classes you play.

We are looking forward to hearing from more of you as you get a chance to try Hero Talents for yourself. We are specifically interested in feedback or impressions on these topics:

  • Hero Talents that you feel are “required” for your spec in a type of content, such as raiding or Mythic+, or that push you towards picking a specific tree. This could be due to damage profile, utility, defensives, or something else.
  • Hero Talent trees that you feel are either too strong or too weak in power level compared to other options.
  • Hero Talents whose functionality is confusing, unclear, or difficult to track during gameplay.
  • Hero Talent choice nodes that you feel could offer more meaningful choices.

Again, Thank You

Feedback throughout the Alpha test was highly impactful on our design of the game, and we look forward to refining every class with you in the Beta. Thank you!

The World of Warcraft Combat Design Team

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Disc priest feedback
Hello im Discolanciz! Iv been a high end disc player since Warlords of draenor raiding on the world 40-50 level in Colour-Stormreaver.
Disc is seen as a harder spec and is very often seen as unapproachable by new players,this has a lot to do with the basic design of the spec and the path blizzard is choosing to go just adding more complexity even when their trying to ’’Dumb it down’’
Disclaimer:This post will be focusing on disc even though im aware holy priest also shares a lot of the baseline issues such as for example the bad mobility.

                             **Baseline Gameplay issues**
  • Discs mobility
    Its not great while disc is also the healer that has to do the most complex rotation to get their healing out during heavy mechanical phases.

    Provide us a proper mobility spell like maybe ’’Angelic flight’’ For 10 seconds the priest levitates above ground gaining X% movement speed and can cast while moving X min cd’’ This spell could replace feather and be a choice node with it so that you can either pick between a helpfull ramp tool mobility or normal feathers for more frequent mobility. Preferably not a higher CD then 1.5 min as its above 1.5min it is just fully desynced from our kit.

Lack of interrupt
Yes disc and holy are currently the specs without 1 and while i get that to much disruption can be an issue in PVP it feels very bad that neither healing spec has an option on this when it comes to high end PVE Content.

Provide an interrupt to both specs be it baseline or a talent that shares choice node with maybe mindcontroll so that you have to pick between 2 types of disrupts be it interrupt or mindcontroll. (Im aware Shadow priest can be a problem in this equation)

  • Lost Utility
    Disc is lacking in the disruption department mainly when it comes to M+ but also raid because of a a sadly very bad bluepost argument ’’Other classes has that’’ that was made during the dragonflight beta. We lost Shining force for no valid reason and got given a terrible root (Void tendrils) that is fully un useable in all PVE content unless its bugged like it was for sometime during DF.

    Give us shining force back instead of void tendrils short and simple.

                                     **Talent issues**

Now this is going to be a long one because our talents are one hell of a mess but il just start from the top and work my way down row by row!
Row 4
Luminos barrier or shall i call it Luminos negative barrier. This spell was a great design goal to be a choice node with barrier allowing you to have a raid cooldown for spread fights and 1 for stacked fights. But this spell suffers from the spiritshell fiesta that was shadowlands where absorbs were unable to be tuned. This spell just dosnt do ANYTHING its a terrible button doing 60k out of our 1.3m hp pools and needs severe tuning to actually be a worth pick for spread encounters.

Row 5

  • Rapture
    It has been an okey spell in raids mainly just as an atonement applicator that was a little bit better then renew. Overall the redesign sure its better for M+ but the changes has hurt the raid use a decent bit and its far from what we actually want the cooldown to be.
  1. Its cooldown dosnt start untill after all shields have been spent meaning it desyncs from 1.5 min boss timers

  2. The shield is still pretty weak

  3. The 4 and 6 shields based on having a talent or not are just weird. Why does disc need to pick several talents to have 1 functioning cooldown? Why are our talents always split up in to several nodes? It just feels like a weird pattern that keeps going in the entirity of the tree.

So what do we actually want it to be? Well just a straight up stronger absorb cooldown. Pretty much what mages are stealing from our class fantasy a Mass barrier. It would be a very easy solution to just make Rapture a 1 press party wide mass barrier that could just be 1. a strong absorb or a 2. A littlebit weaker absorb that applies 5 shorter atonements. We do however prefer option 1 by far

Row 6

Now this is where the mess really starts to show with how the talent tree pathing is built and talent nodes we have to pick.

  • Contrition
    One of THE most hated talents in our tree that somehow has managed to survive since BFA despite being absolutly usless in everything except pvp sometimes. It just goes directly against our entire core kit of dpsing to heal, Id very much prefer this talent to finally be burnt of the face of the earth.

A potential alternativ would be to make it the S3 PTR 2P which made Damage penance cleave a ST heal penance on to an allied injured target but tune it properly so its not a dead heal.

  • Revel in purity and PTW
    Very big pathing issue here as we are forced to path through PTW and Purity to avoid Contrition to get down further in to the tree. PTW used to be a just straight up winner on Cleave and 2 target fights (When we picked between halo and PTW back in the old tree) it didn’t win on single target but now days this dot is just straight up winning everytime.

To fix this id love to see some pathing changes in this area and changes to shadow word pain so that PTW (Purge the wicked) keeps its winning in cleave scenarios but shadow word pain wins on pure single target fights to give us a choice to make. (This will also require shadow word pains baseline duration to be buffed to the same duration of Purge the wicked though)

  • Pain and Suffering
    not much to say more then thats is a very meh tuned node that forces you to spend 2 talent points on it but iguess you need to have some low impact high-cost nodes.

Row 7

  • Borrowed time
    okey talent overall but its a 2 cost talent thats just stuck in a weird place and we cant rly afford spending 2 points on it down there with prior pathing

Row 8

  • UPPIES Aka Ultimate pentience
    Very cool and thematic spell connected to our core spell Penance but this thing has some fundamental issues.
  1. The Z axsis constantly randomly killing you when up in the air. There’s no consistency in what swirlies on the grounds will murder you and which wont
  2. As mentioned earlier our cooldowns are split in to several talent points and for some reason we are not allowed to just pick a talent and get the full power
  3. Long cast time to activate it and locking us down when casting PENANCE. We can move and channel penance why are we not allowed to move while casting 10 penances?

So to fix Uppies id love to see these 2 changes mainly

  1. Castable while moving! It would give us more Mobility passivly without even buffing our already terrible mobility and remove the Z Axsis issue.
  2. Less talent point investment to get the entire cooldown. Its not fun to have to spend 4 points to get your 1 cooldown. If a middle ground needs to be reached atleast make Heaven’s wrath a 1 cost node even though the impact of doing so would be very minor its something.
  • Leniance
    Very boring node on our tree that has an okey power but this thing is just not fun or feels good to pick in M+/Pvp content.

  • Void summoner
    Now this thing is a giant criminal in disc gameplay atm ever since the rework. Smite smite smite smite smite smite smite this spells is in every disc mains nightmares. Having to just permanently smite to reach the CDR breakpoints is just not an enjoyable gameplay loop. Sometimes you even have to skip out in miniramp GCD’s cuz you have to reach the CDR breakpoint for your next ramp. When you get a few bad lava waves on for example Rashok so you miss the next cdr window cuz you have to dodge its just GG go next.
    Void summoner with tier set is less punishing but its still a very punishing talent to have to play around and with the loss of tier you are going to have to play even better as you wont have the tier set buffer for more CDR.

Potential fix to remove the very punishing gameplay this talent requires would be to just make void summoner provide you straight up 1.5 min CD on fiend and 45 seconds on bender.

Row 9

  • Expiation
    Terrible talent that just takes up space in our tree while being completly unusable ever since the rework in the amirdrassil patch.

Remove this talent and replace with something new that can function with our kit

Row 10

  • Aegis of wrath
    Weak talent node mainly because of how weak power word shield is baseline.

Potentially if baseline Power word shield got stronger Aegis could get stronger but id much rather see this talent reworked in some way

  • Twilight equilibrium
    Very bad talent that has only lead to issues this expansion forcing very awkward gameplay of trying to rotate holy-shadow-holy-shadow (Remember S2 disc rotation hell)

Rework the entire talent in to something new as now with all our spells being mainly shadow we cant even rotate effectivly anymore. (Especially not with voidweaver)

                                        **Hero Talents**

Honestly not that much to say, it’s a solid tree with good disc benefits that works with our gameplay and doesn’t force us to track more buffs and timers that further complicates the spec.

The 1 issue
Voidweaver only has 1 issue which is that if you radiance before you mindblast THE RIFT will explode exactly a second after your rad atonements fall off. This is a massive problem for discs atonement healing.

Radiance > Mindblast with the 5 atonements get extended talent will work but it is extremly tight causing you to have to play awkwardly with your pet casting it before radiance and losing a ton of uptime which hurts M+ a ton but also all ramps in raids outside of evangelism ramps.

Buff Baseline radiance duration and this is instantly fixed

Oracle on the other hand has some massive problems.

  1. The buffs are usless on every level. Velens is the only good buff in this tree and you are just forced to use the other 2 that just doesn’t do anything for us.
  2. Power word shield node exsist here aswell but 15% compared to 20% In voidweaver? It just feels weird that they are the same node but 1 is worse.
  3. Divine feather is terrible. We already have bad mobility and now we have to try to give them to others? Using feathers on allies is very clunky and hard to make sure the correct person gets it so this node just feels bad.
  4. Save the day yeah this talent isn’t saving any day. We never use Lifegrip this often in any PVE content and its just wasted utility in most scenarios.
  5. Waste no Time gives us an instant radiance after casting the buff which rly doesn’t do anything for disc as we will use Velens for ramps after we have already used radiances so this is just a none exsistant node.


  1. Honestly main fix here is to make Premonition Velens only and remove the disruptive tracking of yet another buff in discs kit. The 2 other buffs are terrible and will be fully ignored and insta pressed to get back to velens as fast as possible.

  2. Id like to see the divine feather talent changed to be an actuall mobility increase for us and not trying to make us awkwardly feather allies.

                                       **Disc Priest tier set**
  • 2p
    Boring and lame set that’s just giving us back part of our nerfs in DF but at least it works for the spec

  • 4p
    Fundamentally does not work for the spec. We mindblast before all the stacking spells in a ramp using it as an applicator for dmg amps and to trigger IT from our pet. Also it will just be consumed by shields every single time as we always ramp with shield and use mindblast way later so this set does not work at all.

    4P is the thing that’s in need of the most changes right now. If you want to keep the same set id much rather see it swapped out to Penance being buffed by X% Stacking 3 times and the entire Power word shield thing removed or just made in to a baseline buff to Power word shield as our shields have been weak since legion.


Shadow Priest Feedback
Voidweaver as it stands is currently very clunky for Shadow in comparison to its Discipline counterpart.
Having the Entropic Rift spawn at the start of the channel of Void Torrent makes it feel like I should cancel Void Torrent if I wanna get the most out of my Hero Talent, which feels really awkward since Void Torrent itself deals a lot of damage when channeled fully. I am mainly scared that it will end up being cancelled early as a common thing, making the rotation more confusing than necessary.
Discipline has it spawn when Mind Blast hits, which already opens up to continue the Entropic Rift window through either spamming Void Blast to extend it, or casting Penance to empower it. Shadow have to “waste” up to 2 secs of empowering their rift with either their Void Blast or Devouring Plague if they wanna channel their Void Torrent. Devouring Plague also feels very punishing to use when the Entropic Rift window is every 30 secs, as you can’t easily optimize Mastery: Shadow Weaving when you have to pool for to get more out of your Entropic Rift.

Change the spawn of Entropic Rift to the end of Void Torrent OR change what spawns it entirely. The only option I can see currently for other choices would be Mindgames, as it would work similarly to Disciplines Mind Blast activation, and it would keep almost exactly the same uptime with Talent support.
Change how the Capstone Hero Talent increases the damage of Entropic Rift. Either make it so the initial hit of Devouring Plague gives a big chunk and the dot ticks give a minor one so you’re not encouraged to pool insanity as heavily. Or change this to another ability entirely as well. Example wise Mind Flay and Mind Spike, but with less increase per cast / tick.

A lot of these problems might be non issues with enough Haste, as Haste would allow for a lot more time with the Entropic Rift. HOWEVER, I do believe higher Haste would only be a band-aid in this situation. It would still feel clunky to have the Rift spawn at the start of Void Torrent, and as it is now pooling insanity for something that happens every 30 secs is not very satisfying, something Haste will not do anything to improve really.

As a side note, with Voidweaver providing mobility through Dark Energy while Archon doesn’t, it makes Voidweaver already 10x times more enticing. Making a similar choice node on Archon that gives either utility or mobility depending on your choice would make it more attractive to an already immobile spec.


Shadow Priest Feedback (For PvP)
This is mainly about Voidweaver interacting with Sp

  1. First of all i agree with @Litche that Entropic Rift should be a proc on Mindgames because the ability alone stands really boring in PVE and PVP so maybe some SP players would actually then take the talent points after mindgames aswell that rn no one even bothers.

  2. The General Priest tree
    Can we please get something else for Holy Nova as a SP because its legit useless and we need to take it for Blessed Recovery and that feels pretty bad. It would be nice if you Buff Divine star and Halo, then put it as a cap stone instead of benevolence and Power word: Life and then move benevolence and Power word: Life were Holy nova is so it actually reflects the healing side of the tree, and archon uses halo so it would look better having it as a capstone imo. and Please buff Shatterd Perceptions because mindgames hits like a wet noodle and the cast doesnt feel very rewarding.

  3. The Shadow Tree
    i dont know how most ppl feel about it but i played to 2.1k rating in 2v2 wihtout using Surge of Insanity/Mind Spike and Mind Melt, what i wanna tell you with this is that these talents are useless. In arena these days we are faced with so many micro cc we cant cast most of the time because of risking getting canceld on shadow spells what removes our kit and defensives with Dispersion.
    I would really like to also see Idol of Y´Shaarj getting removed or reworked because rn its boring and underpowerd + Ancient Madness is far to weak and i rly dont like crit on SP in the first place, it just doesnt feel right because our crit interaction are really weak anyway, ( i know crit is good for Shadow Apparitions in AOE on PvE but i talk only for PVP)
    It would be nice to See that the left side of the Tree is more centerd about Dots and the Idol of Y´shaarj doesnt reflect that at all, then the middle tree for Shadow Apparitions because i think the coolest thing about SP for almost ALL SP players are getting many Apparitions off because it looks so good and for that they hit really weak in PvP so a Mind Blast isnt really worth casting (Thats sad please buff Mind Blast ineraction its OUR MAIN ABILITY!!!) also Please make Shadow crash always apply your Dots and remove WHispering Shadows and instead let that talent be 2 charges of Shadow Crash thanks

and now the right side of the tree what has the most Problems, as said at the Beginning, Surge of Insanity/Mind Spike/ and Mind Melt are really weird to cast, Please give us with those 3 talents Notes the oppertunity to get a “New VOID Spell” that Like a 45 sec CD with 1.2 sec cast time that enhances all your dots on the target and makes them not DISPELL ABLE and do for 10 sec 20% more damage capped on 5 targets ( for those PVE dudes)
SP really lacks a real Dispell Protection so this would be crazy good for our Spec because rn our main dmg are our dots, wihtout shadow crash hard to apply AND always dispell able wihtout really any side effect, and yes the fear doesnt pay up for removing my 3 Devouring Plagues i tried to stack for 1 min in a melee cleave !!!
Mind Spike isnt really usefull at this point anymore so i would remove it aswell as Mind Trauma and give us a Talent Note that increases the Duration the new VOID Spell lasts for 5 seconds and increases the Dot Tick Time for 20% of all Dots and Instead of Mind Melt a Note that says "using Mind Blast while “New Void Spell” is applied increases its Duration on all Targets inflected by 1 Sec and making Mind Blast generate 2 Apparitions on Targets affected by “New Void Spell”

Now the only thing thats left is our Mind Trauma that got removed with Mind Spike and Mind Flay that are not really part of your rotation anyway, for that i would highly suggest a new Talent lets call it “Darkest Hour” for the time, this PVP talent gives your 4 Seconds of Interrupt and Stun Immunity after Casting Void Form Or Dark Ascension and grants your for the 4 seconds 10% haste.

This Tree should now be more focused about your Dot management + give you option to play against melees that perma stun your entire rotation and almost killing you in the process. What this tree also does is reducing button bloat because you dont have mind spike and flay anymore, with the “New Void Spell” we have a cool way to increase our dot damage while we run for our lifes and still can get some damage out, the last thing i wanna bring up personally and i think most SP in pvp would agree is to bring back Damnation as a choice note between Void Torrent so we can get some more room to breath.

Sry for my english if i made some mistakes but i hope my Feedback is clear to read and please remember that this is heavily meant to make Sp better in Arena against Melee combs that are way too overpowerd this season. And dont forget that we wont lose much damage in PVE either because of the loss of some dps buttons they can buff our normal spells to keep the damage the same and make casting spells more rewarding for both PVE and PVP.

I am open for anyone to ask me for more feedback or help to figure some things out on the Tree because i didnt go over all talents and more the big Problems. thanks for reading

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Heal Priest Feedback (Holy and Disc)

First of all, as i’m from germany, my english probably won’t be perfect, sorry for that.

I wanna give you feedback on the new Hero talent trees. Overall i like the idea of having these additional hero talents. I really liked the new talents trees and the profession rework in dragonflight, it made it the best addon since legion.

Most of the Priest hero talents look fine to me, but there are some issues. The voidweaver tree looks awesome and feels really strong. Maybe its still a little too strong, as it has quite a high uptime and strong output. But the design is great as it fits really well into the playstyle. Maybe a couple more seconds cooldown on mind blast would help balancing.

The Archon tree feels good too. It doesn’t look and feel as spectacular and fun as void weaver, but i like the optics. Its effects are powerful enough to feel a difference, making halo a cooldown that really helps with healing. At the same time it doesn’t feel overpowered, as the cooldown is quite long. Compared to voidweaver the cooldown seems a little too long, or too short on voidweaver, as i mentioned before.
The only thing i dont like about Archon is, that it makes Divine Star useless. Although i have to admit that i don’t know a solution to that.

Maybe the most important aspect, that makes Voidweaver and Archon fun is, that they are mostly passive. They make you stronger and fit into your playstyle without further complicating it.

That brings us to the third tree, Oracle. First of all since the last changes you made, the power level of Oracle seems fine. But the main issues here stay the same: its an active talent, another cooldown to track and really hard to use at the right time.

Priest is probably the class with the most spells actively used. If there’s one thing we don’t need, its another button to press and another cooldown to track, our bars are loaded. Would be way better if it was passive.
And even then you have no control over the rotating three buffs. I can already see myself wanting buff A and knowing i will get buff C next. This will probably happen more often than not.
It feels a little like holy priest in warlords of draenor: It didnt feel rewarding to choose a buff for the next minute. It was just frustrating when you realized you chose the wrong buff. I think Oracle needs quite some changes to feel good.

I would be perfectly fine with the priest hero talents as they are, since there is at least one tree for every spec that works well. Maybe it’s just me and other people like Oracle the way it is. I’m free to use another one. But am i really?

There is another Hero talent tree issue, that probably will be relevant for other classes as well. And that is: Defensives.
I really liked that you said you wanted us to be free to choose which hero talent tree we like best. No interactions with tier sets or anything like that. But if you want us to choose the tree that feels best for us, you can’t include defensives in these talent trees. That is unless you fix the generel issue with defensives, buts thats a topic for another feedback.

At the moment particularely in high m+ but also in raids defensives are the deciding factor if you survive some of the ridiculously high damage spikes, meaning if you time a key / kill a boss or not.
So if there are defensives in the hero talent trees, at a certain level you wont be able to choose which tree feels best for you, but which tree lets you survive more damage spikes.

And the Priest hero talent trees are not balanced when it comes to defensives. The Oracle tree has by far the best defensives (stronger pain suppression, double duration for desperate prayer, double effect for angelic bulwark). So for high m+ keys i can’t choose my hero talent tree. I will have to play Oracle to survive although i really don’t like it as it is.

I can imagine other classes having the same iussue with defensives in their hero talent trees.

The solution is simple: please remove defensives from hero talent trees and put it back into class trees (if at all).


So, I got access to beta and noticed something that really bugs me.

Shadow priest:
Very first talent on the void weaver tree. Entropic rift.
Problem: What if I do not want to take Void torrent as a talent? It would make this very first row pretty pointless don’t you think? Either change Entropic rift or make Void Torrent baseline! And not a talent… This does not make any sense…

Row1 Shadow Priest: I’m just tired keep casting flasheal for 10% defensive + fade to another 10%.

Row2 Howcome just not add some CD to fade and make it 20% cd as shadow.

Row3 Added rows to make post look as stupid as other posts with rowing…

Disc priest feedback

Continuing on about my feedback as theres been a few weeks and some changes have happend.

Summary from old post + Updates
– All spec tree talent issues from my previous post still persists and we are plagued by 2 pointers and dead nodes.
– Oracle has seen good improvements still numerically losing VS voidweaver everywhere but its okey. The feather node + Grip node however are still very bad
– Voidweaver still has the same issues with radiance atonements timing out before the rift explodes. (Not an issue inside evangelism ramps but an issue for M+ and miniramps)
– Pet is still way to dominat in our tuning holding all of our healing power in 1 cooldown

Main problems points that are easy fixes

So im not expecting disc to get a lot of spec tree work but iv compiled some of the largest issues the spec currently has that can be fixed relativly easily.

Current rapture is in a very bad state for raiding but minorly buffed for M+ yes but still in a weak state. What i would like to change for rapture without asking for a full spell redesign is:

– Cooldown start on spell usage so it wont Desync from ramp timers in raid (Big issue with current version)
– Increased Absorb amount baseline or via exaltation change below
– Make Rapture 5 shields baseline and make Exaltation insted increase the absorb amount X% more.

These changes would allow Rapture to stay usefull in raids while also making it a more potent M+ cooldown without creating another spiritshell domination. The changes to the choice node also lets raiders pick between stronger ramps with longer duration or more potent absorbs to deal with hard hitting mechanics making it a good choice to activly consider.

Luminos Barrier
Main problem for LB is just its numbers being to low so its just a 3 min that dosnt feel like a cooldown at all and you basically feel sad when you press it just to pad your healing with 2k hps.

–Simply buff its numbers up abit to allow it to be good in raid content but still lose to barrier on stacked up fights

Tier set
4P Currently does not work for raid disc it will always be spent on the shield making it a very bad tier set. As in raids we always smite > apply atonements including shields > start dmg rotation with mindblast so we will always have 0 stacks here unless we decide to lose a lot of healing never pressing power word shield in raids

– Decoupling the stacks on the 4p letting us buff both PWS and mindblast not pick between 1 or the other. With this solution we also keep the old 2p. This would make the set work in raids
– Or you could put the shield increase on the 2p and the Mindblast increase on the 4p effectivly doing the same as solution 1 but increasing their power and removing the old 2p.

Holy priest - Archon
So if I don`t wanna pick Halo talent, the whole Archon spec becomes useless. What if I want to play with the divine star and being Archon the same time? Make the divine star variation of the Archon core ability or make it a separate ability not reliable on Halo.

Holy priest - Oracle
The whole game play of holy priest is built around holy words and their cooldown reduction. Oracle premonition cooldown reduction, given premonition cooldown, is a joke. What is it, like 7 sec cdr ones per 3 minutes? Make the premonition cdr for Holy priest specialization at least 20sec, and down premonitions cd from 1 min baseline to 30sec baseline. The second premonition ability that turns 50% of overheal to a spread heal is useless and lame as well, pls rework it completely. Dont invent a bicycle, just bring old Cascade ability back, make it the third premonition and that`s it.

Discipline priest-Oracle
Current 7sec premonition cdr is ok for discipline priest, since you can spend the premonition cdr on short cd discipline core abilities like penance and mind blast, however the premonition cd itself is a joke. must be down from 1 min baseline to at least 30sec baseline, so you can use at least two full premonition iterations per 1 boss fight. The second premonition ability that turns 50% of overheal to a spread heal is useless and lame as well, pls rework it completely. Dont invent a bicycle, just bring old Cascade ability back, make it the third premonition and that`s it.

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Disagree on the premonitions for disc.

– Gameplay wise they work fine when you pick the 45 second talent as you just do
CDR+Velens 1 ramp and then the all buffs on your 2nd ramp making you able to have CDR+Velens on every single evangelism.
–Its a perfect 90 second timer
– The Overheal one is litterarly the only thing making the talent tree have any power at all its far from a weak thing as its litterarly the only HPS increase in the tree. (Still weaker then voidweaver but the overheal is the only hps gain in the tree)

After the latest build, the Shadow Crash that’s cast at the target (i.e., not the reticle one) doesn’t do anything. It does no damage and when Whispering Shadows is talented it also doesn’t apply VT to the targets.

Time to rework Power Shield for Shadow Priests. I cannot believe that our shield still only absorbs a ridiculous 85k and comes with a penalty, while a mage’s shield absorbs in excess of 200k without any penalties.

It is really time or you need to add an additional ability such as reflect of spells for x time or while the shield holds.

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Void Blast

I cant imagine Void Blast will go live like this way coz Void Blast is on CD if you cast Mind Blast and then Void Torrent immediately. I dont want to hold Mind Blast for Void Blast every time Void Torrent is ready! Void Torrent should reset Void Blast CD!


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not a single discipline priest will pick current Oracle over Voidweaver, Voidweaver is just way better and not as clunky as Oracle.

ok, 45 sec cd per premonition charge + double charge with talent. in the begining of the fight you hold it until you spread enough atonements around, then press first one and get 7 sec cdr for your 1,5min evangelism (wow! not 90sec but 83!!!), then you press second premonition to get to cdr premonition sooner(get 15sec of mediocre 3 target heal) meanwhile after evangelism ramp you will probably re-spreading atonements rather than overhealing xD then wait 45sec until 3rd premonition (15sec dmg reduction on a single target - another clunk that will make you to spend 1 direct gcd on tank I guess), then you get triple premonition effect due to clairvorance or whatever its called. you spend tripple premonition on second evangelism. then what? hold the cdr premonition till the 3rd evangelism? xd this gameplay is clunky as hell, not fun, and potentially will not perform at all. imagine if there is a transition phase in a boss fight where you need to hold evangelism for a while, and what, you`ll have to hold premonition charges as well xD
meanwhile, Voidweaver provides cool animation, design weaved into already existed gameplay, less clunkiness, timings flexibility.


Please make Angelic Feather more interesting and useful. It’s more difficult to use, less reliable, and weaker than most other movement abilities in the game.

Make it cooler! Right now only Oracle gets a tiny improvement with Divine Feathers, but it needs more!

Maybe give players with angelic feathers a single use heroic leap, or something like chi torpedo that propells them forward quickly. Or increase its duration while out of combat to make dungeon traversing quicker. Or make it include levitate to help us get allies across water or steep cliffs more quickly. Or add some group version that allows multiple players to run over the feather to get the buff, rather than restricting it to 1 player.

Just wanted to comment on what I feel is a distinct lack of flavour and theme for a lot of the Hero Talents, particularly Archon Priest.
I think the Aesthetic of the hero talents is extremely important and while you’ve done a great job with Voidweaver & Oracle, Archon feels pretty bland.
The Halo pulsing is awesome but It doesn’t really shout ‘Blessed by higher beings to enter an ascended state’ as per the Archon description and icon.

My suggestion:
When Halo is cast and for the duration of the three pulses the player character levitates as per the spell (but is not cancelled on damage). During this time you’re also granted Kyrian wings (Holy) or Forsworn wings (Shadow), which slowly flap as seen on Kyrestia Archon of bastion and various other Kyrian/Forsworn.

This doesn’t add anything gameplay wise but would really add to the aesthetic of temporarily ascending to the level of an Archangel/Dark Archangel.


That is not how you play oracle properly in raids at all.

  • First ramp
    First ramp is like this using both the CDR Premo + Velens and you spend the CDR on Dark reprimands for the most value

ST atonements >Double rad > Evang >Pet > Mindblast > CDR Premo > smite > Velens premo > Penance >penance > penance> penance> swd > smite spam normal rotation

  • 2nd Ramp
    You have all 3 buffs at the sametime so you do the same rotation but just no smite between the buffs as you get all on the first press

ST atonements >Double rad > Evang >Pet > Mindblast > Big premo > Penance >penance > penance> penance> swd > smite spam normal rotation

The only thing you have to do between these 2 is to use the usless ST shield inside a 45 second window between these 2 rotations and you just keep doing this every Evangelism and with numbers tuning this tree could compete with voidweaver on 90 second ramp fights quite easily and the gameplay impact is legit 1-2 buttons added in a ramp and pressing penance in a row its not fine from a design point of view. And man dont call the velens overheal effect minimal lmao its insane with how our ramps works and how much they overheal and with atonements dropping during the ramp keeping those ppl alive.

Oracles main issue atm is just that it dosnt have strong enough numbers to beat voidweaver but from a raid gameplay perspective its a completly fine tree. Just needs like 200% more buffs :slight_smile:

Oracle feather node is actually depressing to look at ‘‘Simp your friends with your limited already terrible mobility spell for a minor increase’’ Meanwile Evokers getting blink Smile


Discipline feedback. I have only really tried the voidweaver gameplay, and like it from a raid perspective. A suggestion to make the time waiting for mindbender to come off cd feel more meaningfull would be to make smite synergize better with rest of kit. A couple of examples;

  • Smite increase three lowest attonements by 1 sec
  • Smite increase FH or PWS by 25% stacking up to 100% and up to 2 charges

This would buff us slightly in raids, and maybe more in Dungeons where probably the biggest challenge is.

So, I see that there will be no changes to Priests whatsoever. There is just not enough time to do meaningful changes.
How can we give our feedback if there are no changes whatsoever?
Removing Mindgames, getting 3 new talents and it’s fine? That’s all we’ve got?

Priests are not ok. Disc and Holy are the only healers without any interrupt in the game (Holy at least have a stun, Disc have absolutely nothing) - and do not give me this rhethoric about “not every class needs to have everything in their kit” because apparently, every other class does have it all. Only priests are left in the dark.
Shining Force is gone, while Shamans have basically this exact spell, just better, on a shorter cooldown.

Shadow Priest is my main, so I will try to give some feedback - it’s bad.
We’ve got only one change, and that is a little different Shadow Crash that won’t be picked by any semi-skilled priest.
Voidweaver is cool and fun, but we are forced to go a specific path with our talent to even get this thing working. Which shows how bad pathing is done.
The amount of 2-points nodes that are left there in our kit and are just a flat % damage increase shows how bad this tree is, really. This tree shows absolute lack of imagination.
Shadow Priest does dmg, but it’s not because it’s ok, far from it, it’s because it’s damage is overtuned, thanks to all those bandaids solutions. We are just static turrets that does damage.

I really hoped for a rework, a real rework this time, both for Class tree and Spec tree.
We CANNOT give our feedback if there was literally no changes. The lack of communication is absolutely maddening. You guys told us that you are trying to be better, that you try to listen to feedback.
There will be no feedback if you don’t give us at least something that we can discuss on. Any changes done now will be rushed and won’t be tested properly - we just don’t have time for this, not until pre-patch, not until the start of the expansion. We, as a playwers are testing thing and thinking about some meaningful changes at our free time. It’s not our jub. We are doing this for us, of course, but also for you, developers. Please, start respecting our time.

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