FEEDBACK: Reaping affix


Please feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts about and issues with the new Reaping affix in Mythic Keystone dungeons on the 8.1.5 PTR.

The affix was enabled earlier today, and testers should be able to obtain Mythic Keystones and then enter Keystone difficulties and experience it.

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I haven’t tested it yet. Just one thing i need to mention:
Due to wowhead each soul has 50% health of the add it was summoned from. If this is correct in all circumstances, REAPING would be (unintended) harder in fortified weeks. And these weeks are already harder for most dungeons.


Especially on Teeming+Forified weeks.


TLDR: Reaping is just even more annoying trash added to your dungeon. No thanks.

It’s like insane amount of trash in BFA dungeons isn’t enough…


it seems very fun, but the current state forces you to do the Dungeon a very specific way, to optimize the run:

- Kill all bosses before 100% Trash
This widens the gap of the difficulties between the different Inis even further
- Skip the 80% Wave with Something
Because you will be finished at 100% anyways

Two Suggestions to counter this points:

1. Cut the 100% Wave or let it spawn anyways
So you don’t force player to use the same Tactic everytime
2. Let the Spirits ignore stealth / feign death etc.
So you don’t push certain classes even further!
I’m mean they are spirits right? What do they care about Invis anyways?


Very cool mechanic, much more visual than infested :slight_smile:

One issue though. As I understand it - when wiping to a reaping wave any leftover souls remain there until the next percentage threshold and they then join that next wave?

If that’s the case then people might just use a soulstone and wipe each wave instead of dealing with it. (If that’s even worthwile… but on teeming+fortified, who knows?)

Perhaps it would make more sense to have the leftover souls trigger each time a mob is killed past their respective percentage? This would prevent people cheesing it, I think.


Looks to be another affix that favours mass stuns, ring of peace, treants, and other utility / characteristics which were already sought after for mythic plus.

Specs without these are likely to be left in the dust, even moreso than they were for infested.


Exactly. But I doubt we will see any changes, it’s Blizzard after all.


During Bolstering weeks, currently Reaping foes inherit their HP values from their Bolstered state.

E.g If you somehow Bolster a witch in Waycrest to have 6M HP - she will return with 3m HP. This means Bolstering effectively punishes the party twice. And it appears there is no counterplay or work around to this.

Is this Bolstering-Reaping interaction intended?



Reaping mobs should not be affected by any other affix, be it Bolstering, Necrotic, Teeming, Fortified, Explosive, Raging, Grievous…


Reaping zombies are NOT affected by Fortified itself , but the health of the zombies is affected by the health of the creature that dies, so the zombies will get have more health on Fortified weeks. The zombies will not deal extra damage from the Fortified modifier.

  • Wowhead Note: Bwonzombies appear to not be affected by any affixes other than the affixes which affect the health of the mob that it spawned from: Bolstering, Fortified. No sanguine, no explosive, no fortified, etc.

So the Health of the souls will be effected by Fortified and Bolstering…
This will basically mean Fortified+Bolstering and Fortified+Teeming weeks will be the worst weeks by far…

Bolster will likely break Reaping looking at the maths:

If it truly works like they are saying it does then if any pull larger than 7 monsters will result in a combined total health of the ghosts being more than the original monsters had in that original pull…

i.imgur .com/1MxTIeL.jpg

With the way Bolster works where more often than not the smaller health monsters die quicker, it will only make the problem more noticeable.

i.imgur .com/EEacYmX.jpg


Yes, that design is just non-sense. Even if you play a trash group perfectly and they die all in 1-2 sec, they get bolstered anyways. And as a result the ghosts have way more HP.


While o think reaping is a MUCH better and more fun than infested, which was annoying as hell, and always changed every week and u needed to plan your routes a lot more carefully, there are some buggs with reaping. One of them is that the smash that decrease your HP by 20% can hit you even tho your not close to the area its targetting or in the circle. It also seems that bolstering can affect reaping.

Apart from a few buggs here and there i think reaping is a really good affix and dont punish players as much as infested did, with infested you had to cc, god forbid if anyone broke the cc or if you somehow by accident bolstered the ccd add that was infested.

All i can say tho is i hope season 3 affix will be as much fun as reaping is and please for the love of god when desigining season 3 affix, make it fun like reaping and not RNG/every week change affix like infested.