Feedback: The War Within Season 1 Class Sets

Welcome to the War Within Beta!

We’re excited to share the bonuses you’ll discover on Class Sets in The War Within.

Please note: These bonuses will be playable in the second Beta build.

The War Within Class Set Armor Design

We’re aiming for relatively simple bonuses for these class sets to let Hero Talents breathe as the primary focus for The War Within Season 1. We’re still looking to influence gameplay in a light manner, but we want these sets to have a minimal impact on talent selection and as close to zero impact on Hero Talent selection as possible. Similar to the first season of Dragonflight, there are significant changes coming to classes and we would like to establish a baseline we can build upon throughout The War Within.

It’s very important for us that these class sets do not influence Hero Talent Tree selection in meaningful ways. We’d like for players to feel like they can select either Hero Talent choice in any content they participate in. As we move through The War Within, we’ll be exploring ways to increase the complexity of class set bonuses while maintaining this as an obtainable and core goal.

In terms of the gameplay levels players can expect from these bonuses, we aren’t looking to make these demand high levels of focus to optimize. These bonuses generally avoid things such as heavy cooldown reduction, large resource generation, and influencing talent selection particularly in the final gate.

We’d also like to note that there are not currently any plans to change the acquisition of class sets in The War Within Season 1. As in 10.2 Guardians of the Dream, players will receive a Catalyst charge when the season begins and subsequent charges every other week.

Playing with These Bonuses and Providing Feedback

We consider the flow of testing, feedback, final design, and adjustments to be crucial to the success of an addition to the game like new class sets. It’s good to keep in mind that in the first season of The War Within, set bonuses are not intended to have the same high level of impact as previous seasons. As you test the new class sets in The War Within’s Beta and provide your feedback here, please review the following guidelines.

To make a feedback post here, please provide:

  • The class and specialization being discussed
  • The game content type being referred-to (raiding, M+ dungeons, PvP)
  • When and where you feel like your set bonuses will be the most and least useful
  • Some sort of feeling about the above (positive, negative, indifferent)

The types of feedback posts that are most useful include all of the above, and might also detail:

  • How bonuses may not have their expected value, given how the class is often played
  • How bonuses could have very different value in single target and AOE situations
  • How bonuses help or don’t help in specific situations that are relevant to players
  • Likely degenerate or unintended impacts on rotations, including:
    • Using single target abilities in AOE or vice versa
    • Being flooded with resources faster than they can be spent
    • Being encouraged to use core abilities repetitively, or not at all

We’re always on the lookout for posts describing major upheaval in established talent builds.

To try these set bonuses in the Beta once they’re implemented, log into an endgame realm and look for Setzertauren near the current PvP and professions vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City. Please share bugs you find via the in-game bug reporting tool and your feedback about the bonuses in this thread.

Set Bonuses

Death Knight


  • (2) Set Bonus: While you have one or more Boneshield Charges, the damage you take is reduced by 2%. Losing a Boneshield charge has a chance to reduce the damage you take by 1%, up to 3% for 6 seconds.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Your damage is increased by 1% per active Boneshield charge. Taking damage while below 6 Boneshield charges has a chance to generate 1-2 Boneshield charges.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your Runic Power spending abilities deal 8% increased damage.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Consuming Runic Power has a chance to increase your Strength by 10% for 8 seconds


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your minions deal 8% increased damage.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When you summon a minion your Haste is increased by 2%, up to 8% for 8 seconds.

Demon Hunter


  • (2) Set Bonus: Blade Dance deals 20% increased damage.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Chaos Strike deals 20% increased damage, and has a 25% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade Dance.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Soul Cleave deals 15% increased damage and has a 35% chance to shatter 1 Lesser Soul fragments from a target it hits.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Consuming a Soul Fragment increases the damage and healing of your next Fel Devastation by 2%, up to 30%.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Starsurge damage increased by 8%. Starfall damage increased by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse each increase the Astral Power Wrath generates by 1 and Starfire generates by 2.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Tiger’s Fury increases your chance to Critically Strike for 10 seconds, starting at 6% and increasing by 1% every 2 seconds.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Critical Strikes with your combo point-generating abilities increase the direct damage of your next Ferocious Bite and Rampant Ferocity or Primal Wrath by 15%, stacking up to 3 times


  • (2) Set Bonus: Thrash and Moonfire increase your damage done and reduce damage you take by 1% for 8 seconds, stacking 3 times.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Arcane damage you deal is increased by 5% and bleed damage you deal is increased by 8%.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Regrowth, Wild Growth, and Swiftmend healing increased by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Your healing is increased by 8% when consuming Soul of the Forest’s bonus and for 6 seconds afterward.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Upheaval deals 30% increased damage and increases the damage of your next 2 Eruption casts by 30%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Ebon Might increases primary stats by an additional 0.4% of your own every 2 seconds it remains active, up to 2.0%.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Disintegrate damage increased by 10% and Pyre damage increased by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Eternity Surge’s cooldown is decreased by 2.5 seconds and it now grants Essence Burst.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Reversion and Emerald Blossom heal an injured ally within 30 yds for 10% of any amount healed.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Verdant Embrace increases the healing of your next Reversion by 200%.


Beast Mastery

  • (2) Set Bonus: Barbed Shot further increases your pet’s attack speed by 5%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Your pet’s attacks have a 10% chance to increase all pet damage you deal by 10% for 8 seconds.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Arcane Shot and Multishot damage increased by 20%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Consuming Precise Shots increases the damage of your next Aimed Shot by 10%, stacking up to 2 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Wildfire Bomb damage increased by 5%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Raptor Strike deals 10% increased damage to targets affected by Wildfire Bomb.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Arcane Blast and Arcane Explosion damage increased by 6%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Casting Arcane Blast or Arcane Explosion has a 10% chance to make your next Arcane Barrage deal 10% increased damage and grant 4 Arcane Charges.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Phoenix Flames damage increased by 10%. This amount is increased to 25% on its primary target.

  • (4) Set Bonus: After dealing damage to its primary target, your Phoenix Flames has a 10% chance to return to you, refunding 50% of the cooldown of Phoenix Flames and granting you 6% increased spell damage for 10 seconds.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Ice Lance damage increased by 5% and Ice Lance increases the damage of your next Frozen Orb by 10%, stacking up to 10 times.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Frozen Orb increases Ice Lance’s damage by 15% for 10 seconds.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Blackout Kick and Keg Smash deal 20% additional damage, and Shuffle also grants 3% damage reduction.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Blackout Kick increases your damage dealt by 1% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 3, and has a chance to reset the cooldown of Keg Smash and make its next cast cost no energy.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist healing increased by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Vivify extends the duration of Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist on its primary target by 2 seconds, up to 4 seconds.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Tiger Palm increases the damage of your next melee ability by 5%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Your melee abilities increase the damage of your next Tiger Palm by 25%, stacking up to 6 times. 15% of Tiger Palm’s damage is dealt onto nearby enemies, reduced beyond 5 targets.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Holy Shock’s healing is increased by 10% and its cooldown is reduced by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Holy Shock increases the initial healing of your next Word of Glory of Light of Dawn by 8%, stacking up to 4 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Shield of the Righteous deals 10% increased damage and grants 3% damage reduction.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Casting a Holy Power ability increases the damage and healing you deal during your next Avenging Wrath by .5%. This effect stacks.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Blade of Justice damage increased by 15% and Wake of Ashes damage increased by 10%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Wake of Ashes increases your damage by 10% for 8 seconds.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Atonement healing increased by 5.0%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Smite and Penance increase the damage of your next Mind Blast by 25% or absorb amount of your next Power Word: Shield by 15%, up to 3 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Serendipity is 10% more effective.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Heal, Flash Heal, and Prayer of healing have a 50% chance to cast again at 35% effectiveness.


  • (2) Set Bonus: The duration of Devouring Plague is increased by 1 seconds.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Devouring Plague increases your damage done by 2% for 10 seconds, multiple applications may overlap.



  • (2) Set Bonus: When your bleeds deal damage, they have a chance to grant you Vile Tincture for 8 seconds, increasing your poison damage by 1% per stack (up to 10 stacks).

  • (4) Set Bonus: While you have 5 or more stacks of Vile Tincture, Garrote, Rupture and Crimson Tempest deal 10% additional damage.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, and Ambush have a 20% chance to Ethereal Rampage, dealing 15% increased damage as Shadow.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Ethereal Rampage additionally increases the damage of your next Between the Eyes by 6%, stacking up to 3 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Symbols of Death increases the damage of your next Secret Technique by 20%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Secret Technique increases the damage of your other finishing moves by 16% for 7 seconds.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Earth Shock damage increased by 25%. Earthquake damage increased by 25%.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Spending Maelstrom grants you 5% increased critical strike chance and 10% increased critical damage dealt.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Ice Strike and Crash Lightning deal 15% increased damage.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Feral Spirits last 100% longer.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Tidal Waves increases the healing of affected spells by 10%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Tidal Waves is 80% more effective and reduces the mana cost of affected spells by 8%.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Malefic Rapture damage increased by 5% and its critical strike chance is increased by 10%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Malefic Rapture has a chance to increase damage dealt by your Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction by 15% for 8 seconds.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Your primary demon deals 5% increased damage, and your Shadow Bolt damage is increased by 50%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Shadow Bolt has a chance to enrage your primary Felguard, increasing the damage of their next Legion Strike by 300%.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Incinerate critical strike chance increased by 20%. Conflagrate critical strike chance by 25%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When Conflagrate critically strikes, your Fire damage is increased by 5% for 6 seconds.



  • (2) Set Bonus: Mortal Strike and Cleave increase the damage of your next Overpower by 10%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When Overpower has its cooldown reset by Tactician, your next Mortal Strike or Cleave has its damage increased by 10% and critical strike chance increased by 10%, stacking up to 2 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: Bloodthirst increases the damage of your next Rampage by 10%.
  • (4) Set Bonus: When Raging Blow resets its own cooldown, the damage of your next Bloodthirst is increased by 10%, stacking up to 2 times.


  • (2) Set Bonus: When your Shield Slam cooldown is reset by Strategist, you gain Expert Strategist, increasing the damage of Shield Slam by 5% and reducing all damage taken by 3% for 6 seconds.
  • (4) Set Bonus: Shield Slam critical strikes increase the damage dealt by Thunder Clap and Revenge by 10% for 8 seconds.

Firstly, I really like the idea behind making the TWW Season 1 sets simple and non-intrusive, given there’s a lot of reworks and the new feature in hero talents, allowing us to get settled into the new stuff. At a glance it looks like all the set bonuses (at least for the classes I am closely familiar with) appear to mostly be hitting the mark.

While the beta is fresh and its still pending testing, I’d like to leave my initial review on several classes/specs I focus on. Please note that all my feedback is from the PvE perspective, focusing mostly on M+ Dungeons (~3k rating) with a little bit of raiding (Heroic/Mythic)

Vengeance Demon Hunter
Feeling: Mostly Positive (or Somewhat Negative if no resource rework is planned)

  • The 2-set bonus appeals to both hero specs (assuming set bonus affects Soul Sunder in Fel-Scarred Metamorphosis for even more enhanced damage), additionally helping fuel Aldrachi Reaver’s Glaive activation.
  • The 4-set bonus benefits Fel-Scarred slightly more, and more useful in M+, however it is still an important ability used in all types of content, and extra damage and self-healing is rarely a bad thing. The stacking mechanic doesn’t require additional attention other than making sure we spend our resources as intended.
  1. 2-set issue 1: Soul Cleave capped AoE
  • I am obviously unaware whether a rework is planned for (V)DH, but unless Soul Cleave has its AoE hard cap changed (i.e., into soft cap with reduced damage above 5 targets)., the 2-set bonus loses its value completely when we switch to Spirit Bomb spam in target-rich environments, and therefore possibly becomes useless in AoE situations.
  • Alternatively, the 2-set could include Spirit Bomb, but I’d rather see Soul Cleave soft-capped (and have Spirit Bomb get a become stronger explosion with a cooldown, preferably centered on target instead of player).
  1. 2-set issue 2: VDH Resource Flooding
  • Unless VDH resource generation is redesigned, we are looking into adding more Soul Fragments to the flood of resources. VDH is already in a spot where we don’t care about either Fury or Soul Fragments, as we generate more than we can spend most of the time, especially Soul Fragments given their abundant and irregular generation (Sigil of Spite, Fallout, and Chaos Fragments) and the delay before they are usable, which get cannibalized before we can choose to spend them. For Aldrachi, this actually

Havoc Demon Hunter
Feeling: Highly Positive

  • Simple and elegant, unintrusive and fits any build or hero class, impossible to find anything to complain about.
  • Both set bonuses focus on primary spenders, with a pleasant proc that allows us to use more Blade Dance, with is already used in both ST and AoE. Getting a lucky proc during Meta+Essence Break will give a pleasant burst, whether its a raid boss or a large pack of Fortified M+ mobs.

Blood Death Knight
Feeling: Somewhat Positive

  • The 2-set bonus offer minor defensive benefit on top of existing defensive buff - taking less damage is mostly never bad - as long as it doesn’t interfere with Death Strike healing.
  • The 4-set offers two bonuses. The first one is straightforward, although how powerful it is is dependent on whether Bonestorm and Tombstone snapshot the damage bonus at the time of casting, or dynamically updates to after its spent (preferably former). Second part offers free Boneshield charges, which combined with new (and awesome) talent of Ossified Vitriol is a nice way to help refresh the charges.
  1. 2-set issue: Good and bad RNG doesn’t mix well
  • The bonus loses value with higher passive mitigation (parry, like during DRW) where the extra stacks that last 6 second might drop with a bit of lucky streaks: multiple parries and bonus not proccing when a charge is lost, since it’s only a chance to proc.
  • As a result, being lucky with parries and unlucky with procs makes the (small) bonus nonexistent. Such situation is probably not likely to occur, but if it does it would be during larger M+ trash packs where the small defensive bonus is much more useful.

Unholy & Frost Death Knight
Feeling: Highly positive (Frost) / Mostly Positive (Unholy)

  • Both DK DPS specs have similar bonuses, and both are simple, non-intrusive and work well with the typical rotation (or even spec fantasy).
  • Due to the stacking nature of the unholy 4-set bonus, it somewhat forces the player to spec into Doomed Bidding (and unable to use Gargoyle) to be able to maintain 100% uptime.

Restoration Shaman
Feeling: Highly Positive

  • I always liked Tidal Waves as a tool to play around with, and having it further upgrade healing spells is a nice touch. Since it affects both ST and AoE heals, it benefits all types of content. Napkin math shows that Healing Surge would get a whopping 56% crit chance, and with Crit being our preferred stats we will be getting close to or even capping crit chance on that spell for spot heals, with combined with 2-set bonus and Mastery might get us insane numbers every cast on low HP allies.
  • There might be complaints that Resto Shamans already have a lot of hasted healing spells that drop cast time below GCD, but we are talking about S1 when we don’t have a ton of stats yet, so at that stage it is not a problem. Even late into the season with high-end gear, in my humble opinion, stronger, cheaper and faster heals are not something to complain about.

More feedback coming in the future, hopefully someone will find it useful!

This is a very weird (in a bad way) set both by design and numerically.

By design: it shoehorns us to always attempt to pick ALL talent nodes related to Phoenix Flames, which are located entirely on the left side of the tree and in the process it literally kills builds that would like to take on a more flamestrike/living bomb based approach. This is especially prominent when thinking about AoE scenarios.

Numerically it is abysmally weak too:
The 2p bonus is in the realm of 2% on single target with a build which takes literally every phoenix node in the talent tree, while the 10% chance on 4p is fairly laughable due to how much we actually press Phoenix Flames (last I checked it’s around 10 phoenixes per minute at best).

Numbers aside, Phoenix Flames is notorious for being the clunkiest spell in our kit, with a unresolved delayed impact bug which persists for almost 4 years now and we already just had 2 tiers of being forced into it.

Please reconsider just making a plain ol’ tier bonus tied to Pyroblast/Flamestrike or literally anything that isn’t Phoenix Flames.

I initially put this in my “Mage Feedback”-Post but figured It’d be more fitting here.

Arcane Tier Set:
I’m actually quite surprised by this tier set, in a vacuum it is certainly more interesting and interactive than many of the tier sets for other classes but it suffers from an anti-synergy with a multiple of old and new arcane mechanics. I was quite excited to relive the glory days of big Arcane Barrages with Arcane Harmony, since it is basically our only real Single Target capstone but as it looks now on beta, through my testing, odds are that we will simply either not pick this talent even in single target, or if we do we will flat out ignore it in favor of the 4pc tier set procs, essentially removing the gameplay aspect of this talent altogether. Alternatively, if we do however aim to always reach max stacks of Arcane Harmony we will end up ignoring the 4pc barrage proc instead, this type of recurring lose-lose design is quite sad (and frustrating) to see. The AoE situation regarding the tier set is not much better, due to how Arcane Orb refunds arcane charges and with Orb Barrage being our main AoE talent, this tier set loses significant value outside of bringing 10% extra Barrage damage every now and then, and if you happen to play Spellslinger you’re already throwing more Arcane Orbs than you can count through Orb Barrage and the hero talent Spellfrost Teachings orb resets. This will be my last remark regarding the tier set for now, but it is basically a watered down version of Sunfury’s Arcane Soul, I think it is unfortunate to see that so much of the Arcane kit has come to revolve around Arcane Barrage, especially in regards to how broken up its power is between multiple different talent nodes throughout the talent tree.


The set is buffing abilities that Mistweavers do not want to spam anymore. You rightly removed the Soothing Mist playstyle where you would spam 90% overheal on yourself and splash heal everything.

Making a tier set that buffs Vivify and make it the only way to make Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist last longer is very weird on a spec that wants to play in melee using melee abilities to heal.

It would be like boosting Holy Light on Paladin instead of Holy Shock.

Make it so that Ancient Teachings either heal a little bit more on P2 or something like that and the P4 extends renewing mist/enveloping mist when healed by ancient teachings or an eligible target at random everytime Rising Sun Kick is used.

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Continuing the discussion from Feedback: The War Within Season 1 Class Sets:

UH DK main here. I don’t mind mind this effect, you might even say I quite like it because I’m enjoying the new minion focused builds available to DK right now. But this tier set will very much dictate exactly which talent builds we should have when the team claims that they should be “low impact”.

Seeing this as one key component that developers are looking at (and likely try to prevent) is kinda jarring when you look at elemental, which has had a gameplay that is filling all bullet points for two seasons in a row now, and likely will (even more) in TWW with the farseer tree.
No matter what you do, if you are in AoE, single target, full resource or none, you just spam Lava Burst to get the cycle going again and again and other spells don’t really matter.

the only feedback i got with the sets, is the lack of visuals between the elite sets and the non elite sets

could we please ramp up the pixel glow on the elite sets

an example,

  • the Heroic version of the shaman set looks the Same as the pvp elite set
    same colour, same visuals

maybe change the colour scheme or add extra features