Feral druid community - what do you guys want to see?

Hi guys, I saw the amount of outrage about feral druid talents and went on to make a custom tree for feral, but I have a few questions:

  1. I thought about lower cooldown and duration of berserk (something like 1.5min with 15sec duration

  2. do you want to see Sickle of the lion back? if so, would u prefer to see it as a choice between 1.5min berserk and it or lower the damage and make it a berserk improvement?

  3. I made a few changes which include a magic-based feral build as an experiment:

  • Predatory Swiftness now also affects your Wrath spell, causing it to deal 20% increased damage
  • Consuming Predatory Swiftness increases the damage of your next finishing move by 15% and restore 10 energy. Your finishing moves Increase your magic damage done by 5% for 8 sec
  • Claws of Shirvallah
  • a Berserk improvement: Berserk cause your cat form abilities to deal additional nature damage and increases all magic damage done by 25%

and ofc, what do you guys want to see? I’ve made a few other changes but what are the major things you want to see?


Change plz
When you use 3 different combo point-generating abilities within 4 sec, the damage of your next 2 Rips or Ferocious Bites is increased by 30%.


When you use 3 different combo point-generating abilities within 5 sec, the damage of your next 2 Rips or Ferocious Bites is increased by 30%.


I made 2 versions of the tree so far with a feral druid player.

just removed the new bloodtalons and made it like the old one (with swiftness) cause there are new talent interactions like “use swiftness on wrath” so you dont lose damage

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I want the entire Dragonflight tree to be scrapped and started again. When we first saw it, it looked like an interesting base for them to work on. Now that we’ve seen the depth, complexity and variety of the more recent trees, the feral tree looks as if it was scrawled in 30 seconds on the back of a beer mat.

Specific things I would like to see…

  • Primal wrath/brutal slash on end nodes, or at least positioned so we’re not forced to take PW to access ST abilities and BrS to access AOE abilities. (PW is a waste of a talent point in ST, but BrS replaces swipe and wrecks our AOE rotation.)
  • No more low value 3 point nodes.
  • If berserk is going to be split into 4 separate nodes spread around the tree, make it worth spending the points. It’s currently less valuable than (for example) ret paladin’s avenging wrath, on a longer CD, and requires 4 points in the spec tree for the full talent (ret requires 1 point in the spec tree and 2 in the class tree).
  • Make infected wounds baseline or put it on an end node. Don’t force PvE players to waste a point on it by putting it in the middle of the tree.
  • Add some new talents or some of the fun things from past expansions.
  • Move force of nature out of the balance tree and into the class tree. It’s a druid spell, not a balance specific spell. All specs should have access to it.

I would really liek to see some communication from the devs…that would be like totally awesome ^^

Because that might actually lead to something…anything.


We desperately need Predatory Swiftness on a way earlier node that requires all builds to get it. Tigers Fury also getting scrapped and needing overall 4 points to be a worthwhile mini CD neither feels good nor is worth the investment, it should stay at 50 energy when you grab it.

The first row talents, 30 more energy overall and 30 more energy on Tigers Fury, are unneccessary and have to go. Bake Omen of Clarity into the spec baseline and replace Omen of Clarity with Predatory Swiftness for example would be a good start.


in my current tree swiftness is at the very start of the tree.

Omen is still a talent but both are pickable at the very start

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Did they change it? That would be cool. Predatory Swiftness was at the mid-ish/bottom-ish left in the old ones.

I think Avish is talking about the tree idea they created.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

The sadness.


the only feral change was to swap the location of wounds and SI

lmao, they updated the feral tree and swapped only SI and wounds… I was actualyl getting a bit more hopeful as more trees were published because it was more and more obvious that feral tree was just a placeholder / proof of concept so they had something to publish to begin with. Now, no longer hopeful

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Warrior looking spicy PvP and maybe also PvE they even added a DOT build to Warrior lmao

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Yeah, it’s a joke. I’m starting to feel like we’re being trolled.


I came up with a design right now, its experimental but its better then what we have right now.

im still looking for feedback but if u want to see it use TTM (talent tree manager) and import this tree

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So the latest update forced talent “choises” more ^^

I want to see more integration of other druid specs into specific specs. For Feral I would like having for example:

  1. Sickle of the Lion back?
  2. Another option for AoE direct damage finisher - why not old school Huricane?
  3. Starsurge as a ranged finisher if we spec into it.
  4. Some HoTW based effect on a small cooldown on every shift. For example, we empower the form we take for 10 seconds.
  5. Shifting from some form keeps that form “power” for some time in another form. E.g., shifting from cat to bear makes bear attacks stronger for 5 seconds.

Make us druids not bare wars or rogues or mages!

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I’ve made some changes including adding back Sickle (with the removed berserk effect from the first alpha build)

but wait ,You want something like Owlweaving?


I’m not the person who said it, but I wouldn’t want owlweaving as we have it at the moment. Getting out of form in melee range to squeeze out a bit more dps isn’t fun.

What would be fun would be having the ability to select talents to empower our ranged dps (obviously at the cost of some melee dps) for situations where it’s difficult to impossible to be in melee range all the time. Situations like being in a melee heavy group on Denathrius, where I want to help out with the ranged adds but can’t do much outside HOTW.

Saying that, I’m not sure how having starsurge as a finisher would help unless we were either able to cast it in cat form or shapeshifting was put on a separate (and very short) CD. Otherwise shifting, casting and shifting back would take 3 GCDs and not be worth it.

Youre saying you want feral to be more versatile (Grant is the ability to deal meaningful damage from a range, by shifting into moonkin outside of just HotW…

Maybe reducing HotW duration and CD? Or do to mean a much bigger rework-like change