Feral Druid Feedback



This is my feedback regarding the Feral druid for BFA patch 8.2.


Moonfire and Sunfire usable in Cat form, damage not scaling with AP, but generating a CP, and costing 40 and 35 energy respectively.


Tier 1

Predator - unchanged
Sabertooth - unchanged
Pounce - replacing Lunar Inspiration. Rake is replaced by Pounce. Pounce deals 20% more damage than Rake, costs 40 energy, reduces targets movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. When used from stealth stuns for 6 seconds, deals 100% increased damage, and jumps you to the target within 25 yards.

Tier 2

Renewal replaced, either with a passive movement speed increase, or with a cooldown reduction and/or duration increase for Dash and/or Stampeding Roar.
Wild Charge - Unchanged
Tiger Dash - Cooldown needs to be drastically reduced, maybe 20 seconds, or keep it 45 but it no longer replaces Dash.

Tier 3 - Affinities

Balance Affinity - Increases the range of Swipe and Trash by 2 yards, and the rest of your abilities by 5 yards. Grants access to the Moonkin form (and abilities that no one uses), and grants the use of a weaker form of Innervate (3 min CD), increasing resource (re)generation, or reducing the mana cost of abilitites for yourself or an ally by 100% for 5 seconds. Boosts the damage of Moonfire and Sunfire based on AP, to the levels of Shred and Swipe without the 20% bleed bonus. The DoT component is 20% of the overall damage. The idea is to allow the druid to do some dps from range, but not so much as to make Balance Affinity a dps increase in melee circumstances.
Guardian Affinity - Damage taken reduced by 10%. Grants the use of all the bear abilities it currently does, plus Fortifying Roar (or whatever you wanna call it). 3 min CD, increases the HP of all party or raid members by 15% for 5 seconds. Allows the use of Frenzied Regeneration (25 energy cost) and Rebirth in Cat form.
Restoration Affinity - Increases healing done and received by 10%. Grants the use of all the resto abilities it currently does, plus a weaker form of Tranquility. 3 min CD, same healing/second as the normal Tranq, but for only 4 seconds (50%) of the duration. Allows the use of Swiftmend and Rejuvenation while in Cat form (25 and 20 energy cost, respectively).

Tier 4 - Unchanged.

Tier 5 - Unchanged.

Tier 6

Scent of Blood - In addition to what it does now, it allows Thrash to stack up to 3 times.
Brutal Slash - Unchanged
Primal Wrath - Unchanged, perhaps just a small buff on the direct damage component so it’s not such a DPS loss compared to the other talents on this row on ST.

Tier 7

Moment of Clarity - Omen of Clarity now triggets 100% more often, stacks 2 times, and increases the damage of your next combo point generating ability by 15%.(a change, it now only affects just a few abilities). Increases maximum Energy by 50.
Bloodtalons - Removed. Replaced with a talent that allows us to store and use 1 extra CP (Deeper Stratagem style), and that increases the damage of bleeds by 20%.
Feral Frenzy - In addition to what it currently does, it now provides a buff increasing the damage and critical strike chance of the next finishing move by 25%.