Feral single target

I would love to see some single target buffs. The go-to build right now revolves around cleaving with primal wrath, which feels very M+ like.

The bleed dmg looked promising again in the first 2 weeks of pre-patch, but seems to have been significantly detuned as of lately.

Rake used to tick for about 4-4.5k, which was about 4% of someone’s 100k healthpool last ssn. Rip ticked for about 3k.

Rake with full honor gear + every gold mastery enchant ticks for 6.5k, which is about 2% of someone’s 320k health pool. Rip goes for 5k/tick which is 1.5% of the total hp.

Sure, there is the talent circle of life and death which makes bleeds tick 25% faster, but that stil doesn’t weigh up.

These tunes probably were done to reduce the massive cleave bleed dmg, but with the result of taking a big chunk out of single target dmg.

I personally enjoy playing 2s, and I fear we’ll be far outclassed due to not having enough dmg single target.

Perhaps primal wrath could be a stand alone feature that applies a bleed that’s seperate from rip, so this bleed can do reduced dmg per character it’s on, and rip can maintain some decent value for single target pressure.

Or make draught of deep focus a talent, so that those who want to do single target dmg can still do significant dmg, and those that prefer aoe get to use primal wrath.


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I think Feral is fine, you just faced some OP DK and DH with heals. The DK is gone and swamp tier. Only DH left you cannot kill.

But no1 can.


Can’t kill blizzard pet class. Holinka plays it im sure

You dont really believe that do you? Feral munches DHs for breakfast, its even easier with free Convoke + Swarm or Incarnation Re-Stealth now.

Convoke is Bad, inca is way better, and depends, in a 1v1 Scenario it can be 50/50 Tbh, most Dh´s dont know how to Play against Feral, waste some Cd´s or overkill Deff, they never Pre Blur the big go while inca is up, use Reverse while big Bleeds up, and would break the roots anyway

i dont say, its easy as an dh, to kill a good feral in 1v1, but its also hard for a feral to kill a good dh in 1v1

Ye I also got rid of Convoke very soon after it failing 70% of the times to even do comparable damage next to a Feral Frenzy go. Most Convokes I just hit for like 30% HP overall which is legit terrible compared to a Swarm + FF chomping easily 50% off or more.

Having both Incarnation with SotF is insanely strong though, and the Re-Stealth is far too good versus stuff like DH. Missed playing Incarnation for so long so I am glad we finally got the chance with DF again.

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yeah, Feral Frenzy + swarm is pretty Scary, it does 110k + this is kinda crazy how high they buffed it, mby to much

Feel like its okay because Berserk is again pretty lackluster unfortunately. If they nerf FF they should buff Berserk to maybe give like 10% increased Damage or something.


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