Ferocious bite

I mean, I know all specs are supposed to have their strengths and weakenses but honestly…

30-35k taking out 2/3 of my hp with a couple of buttons when my biggest crits are no more than 9-10k.

I’m sure even ferals would admit thats at least a little bit OP…


Thats only the tip of the ice berg, wait till you meet the other melee who maintain 5k dps in pvp scenarios or the immortal casters who don’t cast anything meaningful you can interrupt

You need to stop convoke


i hate how people mix ferocious bite as an ability or stupid covenant ability called “Convoke the spirits” i hate convoke cause people think bite is broken alone but only reason bite is broken cause convoke amplifies your mastery and if you have decent vers mastery and some crit you can get 35k crit during convoke , my biggest feral bite was 13k with 252 pvp ilvl gear and im playing necrolord.

convoke is op yes , i hate it and i hope it gets put in the garbage can. 1 button playing the game for you , outside of convoke you have no damage , atleast necrolord makes feral fun cause it makes feral bleeds good , i wish feral bleeds would be okay without me having to be necrolord just to make them viable , bite is only op if you play convoke with 1 min lego or the 5% chance to proc bite of rip ticks that hits like full combo point bite . other than that there is no way in hell normal bite can hit for 30k in pvp

5 mins after i made this thread, riding across a bg, no trinket, I took just over 46k damage in about 4 seconds. I checked and it was a Nightfae druid.

I’m fine with people deleting me becasue theyre 20 ilvls above me but this was a druid with pretty much same gear as me.

Convoke is indeed broken as it seems to elevate fairly normal gerared players to godlike.


If you can press the button you’re a God to Blizz

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28k versitilaty, feral 1 bite 22k bleed or something 5k, next bite 23k in less than 3 secs yet even though having about 52k health I was dead, unfortunately some classes seem to have this type of burst, no im not just looking at you mages and hunters.

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