Few questions before proper start

I am playing for few days, game is fun, so it’s time to try it for real. I tried different classes, but I’ll stick with my first ever choice, Orc Ele Shaman.

I have few questions.

  1. After Exile’s Reach game puts you in BfA story. Is it possible to level in different expansions?

  2. Which Horde realm (EU) is best for start? I don’t wanna be in place that is overcrowded, but still has nice amount of active players and guilds that are recruiting, so learning and leveling will be easier. Playing with other players is most interesting aspect of WoW and I’m really interested in meeting people.

  3. I watch few content creators and they are playing on RP servers. Can you play on RP realm and treat it like normal server? Why people are choosing RP realms, even when they aren’t interested in roleplaying?

  4. Which option is better - game time or subscription?

  5. How situation looks in WoW classic? Is it worth to try or wait for TBC classic?

Do you have some interesting tips?



  1. As a “New Player” your only option after Exile’s Reach is Battle for Azeroth expansion. Chromie will not offer you other expansions to level in. If you make it to Level 50 (I think - still no official definition) your subsequent alts will be able to choose their levelling expansions.
  2. My choice for Horde is Draenor. It is the most populated Horde realm. It had problems with queues and lag at the start of the expansion, but those seem gone now, as expected. If not Draenor, consider Tarren Mill, with a lot of competitive players, or Stormscale, which has a more suburban feel. I don’t know either Kazzak or Twisting Nether, the other possible Horde realms, but what I have read about them puts me off.
  3. You can, but. You must adhere to the RP naming rules and not interfere with RP events. However, there is no really good Horde RP realm. I am told that Argent Dawn Hordeside is a good community for roleplayers, but if that’s not your thing, you just have the usual dosadvantages of being in the minority faction. The Defias Brotherhood connection would probably be the best officially RP option for Horde, but there’s not a lot of actual RP there, from what I’ve heard.
  4. Subscription if you intend to continue; you get a discount, and don’t have to remember to pay every month.
  5. It’s a completely different game. Whether you like that or Retail would be the issue.
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Welcome Myghal, we hope you enjoy your stay in Azeroth!

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