Final round of testing for druid flight in Shadowlands

"Okay, this is extremely weird

Got to 80 on my moose drood, copied him over to the PTR

Result: he was level 30, had Flight Form, and 280% flying speed

Jumped back to live, learned Master Riding (fastest flying possible) on him, copied him to the PTR again

Result: he was level 30, Flight form showed up on his spellbook but could not be activated

I was able to fly on flying mounts at 310% speed, but my Travel Form would remain as the ground version

I checked the Flying Trainer. I bought Journeyman Riding, and it did not give me access to Flight Form.

I then purchased Expert Riding, and the old Flight Form became available, allowing me to fly at 150% speed

Master Riding was available for me to purchase, but required level 40.

So, yeah.

Conclusions: I have no conclusions at all, because the whole system seems to be extremely bugged at the moment. Purchasing Master Riding on live made me LOSE access to fast flying form on the PTR."

This was posted by a friend and as a fellow Druid I am very concerned that if this makes it to Live, we are going to be in deep water. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible and I hope you fine folks at Blizzard see this as it would be a pretty big bug if it makes it to the Live Realms.

Iā€™m extremely confused by Flight Form in Shadowlands, set-up a Druid Pre-Patch to use for Skinning and Herbs, took him into Shadowlands and flying as a Druid doesnt work (but Travel form button does as a Stag), tried asking Blizzard but didnt really get a proper reply, and cant find anything actually saying Druids cant use Flight Form in Shadowlands!!

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