Finally did it!

Yes yes, pet on the back and all that :D. But I worked hard for it, I am no pro or anything, one could say +20s are maybe easier now, not sure. I finished one finally, tried on my priest in S3, +19 was the max I could get out if it. It’s my 1st +20, what I noticed is, if you stick to 1 character, this is possible (for me personally), usually I focus on 1 or 2 alts, but now I got to know my spec more than usual.

And I pug mostly, like 99%, I do make mistakes of course, like others do. I always try my best, I can handle a lot, just not thrash talk. I don’t take it personally, or get affected by it, I just don’t like it, usually I leave when it gets too much.

But yeah, as I do this on the side, and a dad with work, a family etc, I’m happy with this :slight_smile: .

And it was Gambit, it’s my favorite dungeon this expansion, the final boss is so amazing the experience. Still, no Soleah’s but that’s cool :slight_smile: !


Congrats! You’ve earned half a portal!

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Do I get to choose which one? :smiley:

nicely done mate!

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