Fire or frost?

Hi so coming back to retail and looking at my characters feeling a bit confused…

I ran a normal dungeon and used icefury talent with plenty of frost shocks and recount suggests I did quite well.

Bit skimming icy veins et al I didn’t much mentioned of taking this talent, was it just coincidence or can this setup work?

What other ways can ele be played?


I believe IF is more for ST encounters. I’d say it should be more viable in Tyr weeks. I always enjoyed playing IF.

Right now you don’t use Icefury at all because of the 4piece set bonus. You run Primal Ele in all content. If you don’t have the 4pice yet, you can run Icefury in pure Single Target but it’s only slightly ahead of Primal Ele while being more difficult to execute properly. You also lose the defensive ability from the Earth Ele (when coupled with Primal Ele talent).

General guideline:
Always use Echo of the Elements, Primal Ele and Stormkeeper
Elemental Blast in ST, Aftershock in AoE
Master of the Elements in ST, Storm Elli in AoE
Some people use Ascendance with 4piece on council style fights but it’s a bit more niche.

Hmm ok

I did like the movement from being able to instant frost shock and made use of lava procs etc.

Im not a top end raider or min maxer, most likely a relaxed hc and some low m+ stuff

You actually use ascendance, although stormkeeper is competitive.

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