Firemaw lags and queue


could you please fix the big lags and queues for Firemaw? I mean you did nothing against the mega servers and now it seems dark before the BT / MH release!

Blizzard? Hello?

It’s lagging real bad on Firemaw. Please add more layers or do something else that can solve it.

Hellooooo? wanting to play after a long day of work but can’t because I have to wait at least an hour… I’d love to change server but every server is dead…

I mean if they can roll out 12 layers for TBC launch to make it smooth. Surely on raid nights, or during peak hours they…could add more layers to make it smooth.

This is pretty much capacity planning 101 level stuff. Instead of spending money spinning up extra servers to deal with the lag, the answer is well here’s paid xfers off, and now it’s free xfers off…which doesn’t solve the problem that they let the server pop go from 15,000 to 30,000 in 4 months because guess what they got paid for those 15K people moving.

Smol indie company indeed.