First SOM MC clear soon?

So are any guilds closing in on downing MC in SOM?

Or perhaps those who are closing on on it are keeping silent and focusing on the task(?)

I’d just take a guess and say no one really cares about who clears MC first on a seasonal server of a re-release of a very old game and because of that there’s no rush.


Interesting view.

I’m thinking that with limited time span, and increased xp to allow faster route to 60, the whole idea is the challenge of the rush. Not really meant for chill play.
But I guess it’s a mixed crowd as always.

Well well I guess when the raids are cleared people will notice.

Like Zaeni says, I don’t think rushing it makes sense with most people having cleared it 15 years ago and again a couple of years ago.

SoM is for both hardcore and dad gamers, but at the same time, it isn’t for either of them, too. It’s kinda weird. But I play it in a chill way, because the 1-60 experience is the fun part. Endgame is just a bonus.


The increased quest xp has very little impact on the leveling method used by those who would be rushing for a season first MC clear. If anything it makes it less “rewarding” since it will no longer bring you as far ahead of the casuals as it did in classic.

There are several reasons noone cares about rushing for a first MC clear though.

  1. No world buffs means large parts of the playerbase who would be interested in rushing for it isn’t playing at all, or have no interest in raiding.
  2. PvP system and BGs on launch means doing MC is not only significantly less rewarding, it would also take time away from anyone aiming for early rank 14. The people who are serious about ranking early on are generally the same who would be rushing for raid clears.
  3. The addition of phase 5 loot to dungeons at launch makes quite a bit of MC loot obsolete, making people less keen on doing MC.
  4. Some players doing so called hardcore leveling, including several of the most popular SoM streamers.

There are probably plenty of other reasons as well.

fresh when

We did 9/10 last night. 38 people, not all on 60.

That’s quite impressive!

There’s no need to clear Molten Core.

Just go level 60 and then spam Battleground to get R14. In 7 weeks you’ll have better gear.

So the point with SoM isnt the “challenge” of clearing a revamped MC etc (not speedrunning, but just clearing) and instead is getting Tier 0.5 and Rank 14 … for what?

The only thing that would be dumber than playing SoM for speedruns would be to play it for gear that fades away outside of raids or where it isnt used to its fullest.

“Hey everybody! Blizzard released a vendor with T3, lets all just buy it and pay subs while not playing the game for a year. It would be waste. Winning!”

Seems it’s cleared now .

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