First time has healer, Rdruid or Rshaman for Solo Shuffle?

Hi guys,
I want to try to heal in SS, never been a healer before :scream:
What do you think is working better in SS ?
Rdruid or Rshaman ?
Thank you

Neither. Today i recommend disc priest. Can change next “tuning”


Both are good honestly, druid is probably easier though. Buuut…Healing sucks in solo shuffle, like really, really, really sucks for various reasons.

  • Disc priest if you like being a full 2man team of a healer and dps in 1 class.
  • Restodruid if you like having high healing throughput and being a tanky bearboi that every melee wants to touch.
  • Restoshaman if you like playing Dark Souls as the Deprived class.

hero class or bust!

Disc priest and like blue man above said can change in next “tuning”

currently only masochist for other than disc because “tuning”

im currently playing a bit rshaman and while its a challenge and pretty hard to play healer i think its really fun and you have alot of carry potential.
Dont recommened for playing healer for the first time though.

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RDruid is a good for “noobs”
You can start with only spam healing and get used too it, and then slowley take more influence in the game with cc and damage

But only healing is enaugh too see some progress on low cr, Rdruid got a rly nice learning curve

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