Fistweaver dmg is more broken than ret dmg

consider taking a look into this matter please


frost mage is just as broken too…


I dont pvp very often however today i ran some 2v2 with a friend. We are just casual pve players so we play at low cr pvp

We came up against a desto / fistweaver team. We play Rsham / Shaow.

At the end of the game the lock had done 2.6m damage, my friend shadow prirst 3.7m damage, and the fistweaver 3.5m damage and 4.8m healing!


2v2 is not how we balance the game

no monks will tell you they are fine


THANK YOU, ret is silly but frost usually outdoes them on meters

Never said it was buddy, just gave an example that matches the topic of the post.

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Fist is definitely broken and in 2s especially the design is hugely flawed. It’ll either be op or unusable like all previous fw monks

Fistweavers are powerful. Ret is currently, beyond broken and unbeatable.

Fistweavers can beat Ret Paladins

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hey blizzard

in case you have not noticed mw can do 30k dps

might want to nerf that


I’m happy someone is finally saying this. Put fistweaver vs ret 1v1 and the fistweaver will win every time, but people still want to say ret is op? It’s like having a third dps in SS.

It’s strong in a different way, but definitely slept on.

That being said, I saw Venruki attempt fistweaving in 3’s the other day, and the ret clapped him mid roll.

Maybe he came in with the ww mentality😁

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Maybe Venruki is not the best at fistweaving, the playstyle differs quite a lot from other Monk specs/styles

still relevant

dont sleep on this blizzard, please

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