Fix destro locks and resto druids

(Tom) #1

for the love of god, the game is unplayable

(Nuvic) #2

Can we add mage too please? Pyro scaling gets worse every tier. hit me for 100k soon at this rate.


Playing against destro locks is like playing resident evil 3 and facing nemesis you always run it takes no damage and if you decide to stop running for a moment and face it you lose your life

(Nuvic) #4

i faced a destro lock with around 250k hp today throwing 45k chaos bolts without infernal. I have around 1200 versatility. RIP


Facing 240k locks is definitely ugly and scary, especially his infernal.
But we gotta be honest, rdruids are still even worse than locks. Hopefully those 2 classes get tomorrow a big deserved nerf.


War crying when they have kick stun and reflect below 30 sec cd each. And they can just LoS during infernal. It’s a l2p issue. But since you play Warrior it says a lot about your IQ

(Dódgéchárgér) #8

when 1750 xp people tell multi r1 xp guy that he needs to learn 2 play lmao

(Hollowinside) #9

You are not very smart, are you now?


How can ppl defend current Destruction Warlock…

(Saíyko) #13

Never thought of it like that! I guess none of the teams did in the recent tournament either (:

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