Fixing the PVP and ranked gear system


I have been frustrated by the current implementation of the Shadowlands PVP gear system including- PVP gearing progression, heavy PVE gear overlap and high ranked PVP reward gear system, so I would like to offer some real solutions to fix these issues.

PVP gearing progression and PVE gear overlap-

Problem 1: Mythic, Mythic+ and Raid gear is faster to acquire, can be better than PVP gear and ignores the conquest cap. This is partly due to the fact PVE includes gear with the preferred PVP stat- versatility. This itself is not a problem, but the fact there is no gear use performance differentiation is.

Furthermore access to this gear completely bypasses the Conquest currency cap meant to limit the gear progression rate in PVP which was designed to make it fairer for those gearing slower or later than people pushing the curve.

Solution 1: Have the PVP trinket +40% versatility effect bonus only affect PVP gear and not affect PVE gear.

This makes PVP gear more effective for PVP than equivalent level PVE gear without having a separate PVP stat such as resilience/pvp power. This keeps stats simple and still allows PVE players to use versatility on gear.

High ranked PVP reward gear system-

Problem 2: PVP should be, as much as possible, a measure of how skilled a player is versus other players on a level playing field. This is the essence of all sports and esports alike and it would be better for the game if WoW was not the exception. I am not saying that you have to remove gear progression and variation in PVP altogether but limits need to be placed on how far you can take this, at least in PVP environments.

Solution 2: Introduce an item level 200 gear cap while in battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arena skirmishes, ranked arenas, duels and war mode.

Any gear above item level 200 will be scaled back to ilvl 200 and any enchants, bonus effects (leech,avoidance etc), socket bonuses will be deactivated until players leave the PVP environment or activity.

This gives players a target power level at which they know, regardless of rating, will never have a power disadvantage while playing against another player. 200+ item level gear could still be given as rewards for reaching high ratings but the advantage the gear provides would be limited to PVE.

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