Floral Fancies Festoon May’s Trading Post

Floral Fancies Festoon May’s Trading Post

A variety of new items are flowering in this month’s Trading Post. Embrace the spirit of spring when you gild your back with the Wings of the Amber Monarch.

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Shame the wings aren’t pink but they are still nice.

This little dude is cute

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Recolor mounts? I dont take them. Since I had already them

But I will take Blazing Hippogryph
(Since it’s old TCG. I dont never buy TCG. Now easy get than random)

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Mmm no mount for me this month. Probably Ill save some credit for June.

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Awful reward again.


A very meh month imo. I’ll probably grab the capes, though that’ll be it.


Is is scary
Reminds me of Dr. Facilier’s creepy servants :eyes:

This would great for Voodoo trolls players :stuck_out_tongue:

My shaman troll as voodoo will love it

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Those Blade of Elune look nice… and I guess that’s all for this month.

Ah yes, the famous light grey of midnight. Maybe give us some actual black gear?


Old reward, but guessing by your comment its not for you!

Can you please create a poll or something where we can vote what we want?

I’m tired of flowers and pink.


Oh, I love some of those things. And the hippogryph, which I failed to get a while back. Great selection for me!

I like back item but only that toy that gives u a keg from brewfest becouse it does not hide my 2h wep, fix that on all back items please.

That sunflower staff could look cool on a Tauren Druid, otherwise I agree, it seems pretty meh this month.

No alwasy for Tauren.
Too for night elves. But sure who put every races with flowers. Who know.

Wings are like a disease when it comes to mmos… Once the first set appears you just know the game will get drowned in them.

And no, none of them look good.

Nice items this time, been waiting for the floral staff :sunflower:

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More like creepy!
Butterfly wings though :smiley:
I wish they would show all of the items.

The Wowhead post of this just came across my feed on Twitter.

Let’s just say people aren’t too happy about butterfly wings as a reward for the month.