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Flow is a new international guild with players that have experience from The Hardcore and Semi hardcore scene. We all have been playing wow since vanilla days and currently, phase 1 on farm.

Our current goal is to build a solid raid core team for our 25 man raids with which we can clear SSC and TK 10/10. As we are building up our roster we will have PUGs to fill up our raid spots but we are trying to get into doing full guild runs ASAP.

We are looking for players who want to progress through TBC content and have fun with people at the same time

As we transition into full guild runs we will be using fair and transparent Loot Council (LC) in order to make sure the guild gets geared in a balanced way and players are rewarded for their effort.

What we’ve got to offer

  • An open and friendly environment
  • People who strive to progress and have smooth raids
  • Helpful guildmates if you need help with dungeons/attunements

Recruiting at the moment :

Resto Shaman and Resto Druids
Disc Priest
Elemental Shaman
Enhance Shaman
BM/Survival Hunter
Boomkin Druid
Shadow Priest
Fury War
Arcane Mage
Holy Pala

Socials and exceptional players are more than welcome

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