Fly on Broken Isles / Pathfinder 2 Achievement

I returned a couple of weeks ago to WoW and since I didn’t finish the Pathfinder of Broken Isles 1 + 2 achievements the last time I played, I am still eager to finish them (for twink leveling in legion content and also especially the rep grinding for the new fractions).

I am close to completing the Pathfinder 1 achievement, but now I am uncertain, if I am not just wasting time, since the Pathfinder 2 achievement is nowhere to be found in the achievement log.
Neither is any other achievement, thats stating a reward, which would enable me to Fly on the Broken Isles.

Has the achievement been removed with BfA and excludes players from flying on the broken isles, who haven’t finished the achievements?

Another guild member (who has finished the achievement and therefore can fly in legion content) told me yesterday, he doesn’t have the Pathfinder 2 Achievement in his Achievement Tab either.

Is it a mere display bug, which doesn’t show the pathfinder 2 achievement in the Achievement Tab - but as soon as I finished all requirements I will get the achievement nonetheless?

I am thankful for any advice whatsoever!

Hey Loonara!

Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two is definitely still available and can be found under Achievements > Exploration > Legion. You would only see Part One until you’ve completed that achievement, so that might explain it for you - Part Two will show up after, with Part One as an included requirement!

Rest assured it’s still available to be earned and unlocked for anyone that wants to :).

Just a little tip - if you want to know what the requirements for Part 2 are so that you could work on both Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time, you will find them under this link:

Essentially, outside of completing Part 1, you need to be Revered with Armies of Legionfall and explore the Broken Shore zone. The other two achievements i.e. completing the Legionfall campaign and defeating an invasion in each zone have been removed, so you don’t need to worry about those :slight_smile:

If you’d need information on how to get reputation with Armies of Legionfall, you will find a nice guide here (be sure to check comments for some additional tips):

Good luck :slight_smile:

Isn’t it discouraging for new or returning players, leveling a new Character to 60, having fun with flying up to 90, and then getting it taken away unless you do rep grinds of “obsolete” content?

It is however not an issue to me, I always do pathfinder as early as possible. Also I do not mind rep grind of older content e.g. for mounts.

I just think, the reputation requirements of the pathfinder achievements should be removed with the prepatch of the next expansion.

Thanks guys so much!
I was confused, because the Pathfinder of Azeroth Achievements 1+2 are available in the achievements tab, even though i haven’t finished neither.

But great to know, its still available.
And also thanks for the thanks a lot for the help on how completing it.
i hope, that will get me more effecient! :crossed_fingers:

I think you should consider changing that. There is no reason not to see the Pathfinder Part 2 requirements in-game until you have completed Part 1, since you can do them in parallel.

In general, the less a player needs outside sources to progress the better.

In Legion pathfinder part 2 was a rep gate for new factions in a new zone - same in BfA; so at launch you could not have run them in parallel so part 2 would only open in the achievement log when part 1 was complete.

You make a good point though - as a new or returning player can access the whole set of zones quickly they should let them see progress in both

That’s not really true. The only requirement to get to the Broken Shore was to unlock world quests which required only friendly reputation. So you could grind it to revered while also doing Broken Shore at the same time.

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