For the first time, I don't think my guild gonna make it

ICC gonna be tough guys. I didn’t remember it was that hard in the past, but it feel like a mini-mythic raid for the first time of Classic : Ulduar and Sunwell are cake in comparison.

Without the 30% buffs, it’s gonna be in practice impossible for 99% of the playerbase to kill LK 25 HC before … a while. Somes bosses like Sindragosa and Lady are tight DPS check in 25 HC, you don’t have room to carry people here …

If you have slacker in your raid, prepare your xanax.

If you still wipe in TOGC time to time and people are tired of raiding 30mn, you are not prepared for what’s gonna happen lol.

Lot of Classic Vanilla Semi HC guild that made it into WOTLK gonna fall apart.

Anyway, enjoy it. It’s the last raid for a lot of Classic players, and for you that want to play Cataclysm it’s probably the start of a new era.


ICC is very difficult. But as people farm gear it will become easier. The question is how many people will have the patience to grind through it. Most guilds will try to clear ICC on normal and then call it quits for Wow classic.

With 0% buff, yeah, it’s gonna be tough for you if you aren’t consistently clearing 50/50 without clenching and oneshotting algalon and yog0.
That being said, even back in the day, as a completely clueless permanently drunk uni student I still managed to kill LK25HC before the buff reached 30%, I think our first kill was at 20 or 25% week. And that was the guild that never even attempted Algalon or yog0, and I don’t think we got any 50/50 cloaks either.
The level of focus and optimization we play at now can not even be compared to those days. I don’t expect a one shot or even first night full clear. But every 50/50 yog0 farming raid should be able to kill it after some wiping and getting used to mechanics.

I think the “issue” players will face nowadays is the time investment. The content will most likely become more demanding from now on, and 5-6 hours a week will probably not cut it for ICC heroic progression (atleast early on before the buff ramps up).

I remember back in 2010-2011. My guild back then was considered somewhat casual and we had 20 hour raiding weeks during progression (5 hours, 4 evenings a week). You actually had to whipe a lot, if I remember correctly we were at 100+ whipes on a boss like Valiona and Theralion in BoT HC before getting our first kill. Granted, most of us are probably better players these days, but nothing this far in Classic even comes close to that. The most steep learning curve for us this far has been M’uru, with around 50 whipes. And even that took us quite some time with a 6 hour raiding schedule.

Personally, I won’t be able to go back to the high school days of 20 hour raiding weeks. So if the content requires that out of our raid, I would absolutely look into normal kills early on indeed.

I really doubt that.

Nah, they’ll be fine untill Cata hits. Only Killing LC in Heroic under 30% buff will kill casual guilds.

I cant wait to see the gdkps attempt heroics in ICC. Watching them become cocky after togc, not realizing whats ahead.

This will be entertaining.

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trash gdkps will be trash same as trash guilds will be trash
lk heroic will be dead in 1 hour, some gdkps will clear it as well in first week
(if the raid is released at complete state, original ICC was time gated)

It took our raid like 2 months to complete Naxx back in Classic. Killing Kel’Thuzad for the first time after all that felt amazing. If this progression difficulty is true I can’t wait for ICC, it will be the perfect end of the game for me when we clear it.

In comparison, my guild killed KT week #1 and we are hard struggling on ICC PTR. Yep, it’s gonna be amazing.

ppl will be sad when they realise that the non-top guilds will need a lot of time to clear all heroics. Most guilds wont take down LK HC for a very long time. And most players wont accept it. They are used to MEMEMEMEMEE NOWNOWNOWNOWNOW mentality.

Am i wrong in the time it will take? Maybe. But i dubt it.

Yep. Time is the biggest and hardest raidboss to overcome in ICC for most guilds.

Edit: Nvm, read your comment completely wrong. Blaming 3am syndrome.

The difficulty is fine, it’s a bit harder than Ulduar perhaps due to every boss having a hard mode, and not having buffed gear like Ulduar had. But yeah it’s going to take some time to clear on HC for most guilds, but you’re not in a rush?

Most PTR groups were getting wiped by LK normal with barely anyone killing it, and last I checked nobody had killed LK HC on the PTR. Professional guilds will go in with ridiculously unrealistic stack comps after practicing on the PTR for an amount of time equating to many weeks worth of gameplay for the average guild.

Most guilds (including those who killed Anub HC on first night) did little to no PTR testing, will not kill LK normal in the first week, let alone HC. Of those who kill LK normal in week 1, their comps will not be cheesy enough and their raiding hours will not be long enough to kill HC LK for ages.

Paragon in 2010 had way better players than most guilds now, and were more geared than any avg guild will be for ages. The main difference will be pro guilds having hindsight, comp freedom and practice, something normal guilds can’t benefit from.

Isn’t Blizzard limiting heroic attempts to 50?

Finally a raid where I can PROGRESS in and get better week after week instead of clearing 1-2 weeks into the new raid release.
I’ve honestly missed it.

The wing endbosses + LK have 50 attempts (combined), not sure if that’s only for heroic mode, it might be on normal too. The other bosses don’t have attempts.

To follow up on myself. Apparently NOTA killed LK HC on PTR yesterday. I can’t wait until people use this information to act like the raid is easy, after these handful of guilds prepared/practiced in ways 99.9% of the playerbase wouldn’t even come close to.

Given the level of preparation and practice it seems likely the raid will be cleared on launch night, but given the difficulty and tuning of the raid I doubt most guilds get anywhere close to killing it without months of gearing + hellscream buff.


Actually good players will do lk heroic for whoever offers money. So don’t worry, it will die in 1 hour. Nuclassic “hardcore” guilds have no chances anyway.

The boss dying on launch night has nothing to do with difficulty, because the guilds killing it on launch night will have practice more before the release than most guilds will have 3 months after launch, which is my point, it’s irrelevant.

That doesn’t make guilds not killing it on launch night “trash” or “not actually good”. Your guild comes under this too, just a GDKP of parse enjoyers, probably a few players good enough to play in a top guild, but being good enough is meaningless because it’s the practice that matters.

Some of the best players in the world are caught on stream messing up basic mechanics and wiping raids from it because their brains are switched off or they didn’t learn/practice fight mechanics enough. Happens in the world first race every tier on retail, where guilds don’t get to practice endlessly for months to prep for a release like the top guilds do on Classic.

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Yea, most HC guilds on PTR will have more time on the bosses in PTR alone than most casual guild will ever have on live servers.