Forget it thanks

Not relevant, lock post pls

Hi sounds interesting lets talk sometime, Omnibeam#2961

Added you!

Currently open for most classes, but priority are classes marked with |high|

|deathknight (tank)|medium|
|demon hunter (dd)|medium|
|demon hunter (tank)|medium|
|druid (balance)|high|
|hunter (beastmastery)|high|
|hunter (marksmanship)|high|
|monk (healer)|high|
|monk (dd)|low|
|paladin (holy)|high|
|priest (healer)|medium|
|priest (dd)|medium|
|shaman (elemental)|high|
|shaman (enhancement)|low|
|shaman (restoration)|high|

Hi there :slight_smile: Will be good to have a chat if you can, I can fit in to some of your high demand areas. Add me Adion#2981.



Holy Pala. Curious as to what your raid days are.

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Our raiding days are Wednesday and Thursday from 20 till 23.30, added both Lyanna and Feroix to my batttlenet
(I show as “Miracle”)


Sounds interesting :slight_smile: BM Hunter, love raid,mythic and pvp. also former multigladiator in pvp :slight_smile:

Hey could you add me on discord please?
Thanks in advance!

Discord id: Sphaenx#0002



Hello all, thanks for your interest, I have added you.

Had to edit my dumb a** posted discord instead of btag lol. Fixed

Hey, could you use a prot paladin, currently ilvl 185 and ready to raid with bis legendary ?


interested laotzu#2205

Hi There, Priest here, currently DD, but might go heal as have been CE healer since TBC…looking for something more chilled though now in SL - Malorian#5976 is discord and Malorian#2539 on Bnet, look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


It seems to have added that comment with my alt from a long time ago for some reason - level 60 Void Elf

Hi, Would Appreciate if you add me on discord, Jixerm4n#6397. lets talk :wink:

Feel free to add me on Discord Soadria#4939