Former 2 day, world 400 raiding guild returning - Tarren Mill Horde

Guild History

Aeon was formed in Highmaul with the aim to becoming a leading 2 day raiding guild. Aeon was previously a realm leading and top 12 EU guild for 2 day raiding, we achieved a world 390 kill in Nighthold raiding just 8 hours per week. The guild decided to take a break from raiding in ToS.

Want to raid on a 2 days schedule and quickly get cutting edge? We are returning…

Highmaul 7/7M World 3787
BRF 10/10M World 1588
HFC 13/13M World 939
EN 7/7M World 627
ToV 3/3M World 531
NH 10/10M World 578
ToS 5/9M… Guild quit raiding

Aeon, including many former players, are returning for Shadowlands! We are removing the requirement for alts, mains required only.

We are currently running heroic Nyalotha and looking for high level players who prefer less commitment and less raid days for prepatch and next expansion…

Contact Conor#2112 or Slaq#1710 for more information!

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Bump for Shadowlands!

Sounds Good.

what days are you looking to raid?

Hi Jared,

Most likely Wednesday or Thursday + Sunday. 19:30-23:00 server time. This is still not finalised but most likely somewhere around there.


Bump for Shadowlands!

Bump for shadowlands! :smiley:

Anyone else interested?

Bump for the banter

The remaining positions are for 1 healer and 3 dps, preferably ranged. Hit me up to discuss, Conor#2112

Bump for Shadowlands

We have started doing mythic (Pugging as a group of guildies / friends) Still doing plenty of m+ Heroic and great banter! Hit us up if you are looking for a guild to slack in during the summer, and smash Shadowlands in the end of the year!

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First 3 bosses 1 shots, going shadhar and hive next week!

I’m interested in joining this guild! :slight_smile:

Hi Hanzo,

Happy to send you a guild invite, whisper me in game!


Bump for a great summer!

Bumping. We are still looking for a couple of healers and ranged DPS.

Bump for the last few dps spots free!

Currently looking for a boomkin, mage, ret, enhance and ele for the last spots on the roster.

Aeon is currently only open to exceptional applications from well experienced players with multiple CE’s