{Forsaken Misfits} [9/9HC] <Draenor> [PvE Social Guild]

Well met to you adventurer and thank you for stumbling onto our guild recruitment post for the { Forsaken Misfits } on Draenor

My name is Belari and i’m the Guild Leader. This guild was founded with an unwavering passion to not just deliver a guild for people to play WoW together in but to create an atmosphere that you are proud to call home.

Whether you have been with the game since 2004, just taking the shrink wrap off your copy of WoW or dusting off the cob webs after a break. We’d love to to come and join our band of misfits :slight_smile:

Should you find your a late night gamer… you’ll fit in here as a lot of our members including our raid team play until very early hours of the morning.

Our guild has lots to offer:

<<<< Social Players >>>>

As a guild we strongly and firmly believe that our social members are the backbone of the guild and are always looking for more to join us.

Our offer to social players:

  • Active Discord VCs / Ingame Chat of most hours of the day.
  • Frequent Transmog Runs
  • Fun events as often as we can

<<<< Mythic Plus >>>>

Our members are avid enjoyers of chasing that RIO score, as such we have members ranging from all levels of keys and experience.

If your just starting out with keys or pushing 20s for your portals we want to hear from you!


<<<< Raiding >>>>

< Team Omega >
9/9HC about to embark into Mythic content.

Schedule: Days are Thursday and Sunday @ 01:30st - 03:30st

HIGH PRIO DPS [Any class considered]
MEDIUM PRIO Healer [Any class considered]

Guild Leader: Belári
BTAG: Sparklez#21489 / Discord: sparkl3z

You can also check us on raiderio and wowprogress :slight_smile:

We are still actively recruiting for our late night raid team :3

Please DM me today :3

Our open raid spots have been updated and we’d love to have you people along! Come joins us for fun and laughs in a light atmosphere!

Almost filled out the Omega team now, last few spots <3

Alpha team has opened recruitment please get in contact with us today


Im a returning player looking for a raid guild. Your Thursday and Sunday @ 01:30st - 03:30st raid time are perfect for me. Would love to have a chat with you. I play Dk any spec or MW Monk or all druid specs

Please contact me via my contact information <3

Discord: sparkl3z
BTAG: Sparklez#21489

Amazing guild, always helpful with both raiding and mythic plus, really chill vibe in the guild! So Do as I did and join the Forsaken Misfits and become one in the family! We are always looking to expand our ranks :slight_smile:

poke …we are actively looking for members to boltster the ranks of our already amazing guild and potentially fill raiding slots. although everyone is welcome! :slight_smile: look forward to hearing from you!

Currently in need of Aug, Boomy and Monk!

We’re currently looking for Mythic Plus players for all roles and members to help fill out our Alpha raid team.

Currently in need of a mage and an augvoker:
Bnet: Cardelli#2242
Discord: Muskot#4310


Make sure that you check us out today!

Still in search for mage and a Rogue for our late night Team! :slight_smile:


How are you feeling about holy/disc priest?

  • heroic/mythic raiding
  • M+


For which team are you referring?

Hello! What team are you refering to? :slight_smile: We are now looking for holy priest for our core team (Night Raid) :slight_smile:

Calling all night owls…

M+ players and socials we want you <3

Calling out to all the night time gamers… Raiders, socials and M+ players, we need you :heart:

We smashed 7/9hc <3 fingers crossed the last two on Sunday

8/9 HC done easily, next reset it’ll be 9/9 HC and then we dip our toes into mythic raiding! come and join our journey in both raid, m+ and as socials <3