Forsaken Night Elves - Dark Rangers Galore?


So I am currently trying to work out what place the Night Elves have within the Forsaken ranks after Darkshore.

The only Forsaken Night Elf NPCs I can find so far have all been Dark Wardens and Dark Rangers, which seems odd to me - from the quests at Darkshore it did seem like they were raised somewhat en masse. Making Dark Rangers in those numbers would seem very… odd, to me? Surely not all of them chose that line of work after their reanimation.

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This Warden RPer (character made in Legion) recommends that you do not attempt to seek reason and logic in this decision. It is not worth the trouble. If you feel unsatisfied with this then continue reading.


You will come to one (or a combination) of four conclusions:

  • The writers are truly bad
  • The night elves you see in 2018/19 are not night elves
  • They are Mind-Controlled
  • You don’t want to know or care to know

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Not really.
We had a quest about it in which a Valkyr is brought to resurrect Night elves. And she only manages to do so with the willing souls.

Doubt those make up a “masse”. Seeing them more frequently is simply Blizzard wanting to highlight their existence.


Well, they’ve been placed directly into command of the Darkshore warfront, so they probably do take positions similar to the Dark Rangers.

It may seem odd, but… let’s be real here, we’re talking about night elves joining their killers against their kin because the latter failed to save them from the former.

If you can stomach their existence, you can stomach them all choosing that line of work after reanimation.


To be fair my issue isn’t with “stomaching” it as much as being confused on how Dark Rangers are meant to work, as I was under the impression they are a pretty specific type of undead.

And by choosing the line of work I more meant:

Are there no Kaldorei druids who go into the RAS, or Kaldorei warriors who join the Deathguard? Why all -Dark Rangers-?

Edit: Posted on my shaman for some reason? Blizzard forums how ye confuse me.

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There are none because (in theory) the RAS to any druids are about as far apart on the Life-Death spectrum as possible - akin to the Black and White. But I’m not holding my breath when (arguably) the most dangerous warriors of Night Elf society happily go back to slaughter their own people. Oh and Horde Paladin is a meme. I’ll take my chances with the Legion than those arrogant traitors!

Blizzard are very bad with Kaldorei lore. As in exceptionally bad by WoW standards. I keep reminding people about where Tyrande and co. are in Nazjatar.

Easier to make variants of the same model than completely new models. In many ways even the ‘Dark Wardens’ are merely recolours of the existing loyalist ones. Come to think of it…I’m not sure there’s any major differences aside from colour tbh.


Don’t bother trying to look into it. It’s just wow’s writers being incapable of keeping their bias towards the Forsaken(and partially the horde) from influencing the way they write their stories. Just ignore it and hope the next batch of writers quietly retcons this trash.

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