Fotm rerollers from mordor

They are a plague threatening our very existence. Something must be done about this scourge!


Good tactic to get that sweet boost revenue though, I’m sure the bean counters will be asking the dev team to do it again.

It also goes to show how simple minded people are. Like sheep. Baa

its actually insane that every single lobby consists of atleast one ret.
like the amount of people fotm rerolling is disgusting and astounding.


The issue it will take time for it to go back more to normal since yes, there were way too many fotm rerolling ppl. But biggest part is, ALOOOT of those rerollers havent read patch notes or just play either way. You have no idea how many ppl ive seen in mes/vanguards stream asking if ret is still fine, if ret is still good, if nerfs are already in etc etc, its almost like they are incapable of reading, quite classic for FOTM ppl.

rets are still overtuned together with alot of specs, the issue is we still have pvp talents like judgement of the pure.

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