Free Character Moves Close at 1:00 a.m. on 6 December


You had almost 3 months. What took you so long? If anything they should have given no warning at all. Flamelash server is about to die as we speak as everyone is panicking to move off the server.


Well, we are on Firemaw-eu, and no guilds wants to move, it’s a process where you can end up losing members. Therefore we wanted to wait and see if things got better. With better I mean less queues, less chat lag, less ganking craziness. Especially the last part we hoped would get better after the 10th.


Same, here on Flamelash we are also trying to decide things, but 24 hours is a ridiculously short time to arrange things, so looks like we are staying put for now.

I assume this announcement is an indication that Blizzard has faith in BGs resolving the WPvP imbalance issue, otherwise closing transfers seems like a bad marketing choice. The marketing giant that they are, I will take this news with optimism, and happily wait for the 10th! I advise others who are worrying to do the same.


Sounds like the problem is the deadline, and not how long notice you got then. If you didn’t manage to convince people over the past 3 months, what difference would a couple of days make?


Well gg. Flamelash is already dead. Good job Blizzard.


or Bloodfang


Ending transfer periods is not logical. I guess they are planning to open some new realms with bg release.

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@Jop: Considering the fact that several realms are bleeding hard, it is more likely they want to stop the bleeds and the probability of any new realms is close to zero or less…


It’s both, and we are not trying to convince anyone, some people would leave us both if we stay or if we moved. The problem now is that there is no time to settle things properly. Do a final poll, have an office meeting, give all members all the info and complete the move. Our members are normal people with work and families, so as i said 24h is hopelessly short amount of time to settle this properly. I understand it can be hard to see other people’s problems, especially if it does not fit with your own initial thoughts on the matter.


Well, stopping people who want to move from moving, and forcing them to stay to save population balance is not really fair to them either?

People want to have fun playing , if not they will probably quit, and that is a worse solution than letting them move to another server?

One new pve server after BGs come out, open to transfer from all servers is better imo. Or even a fresh pve server where no one can transfer, to reroll and start new + paid transfers for all with a cooldown. Then the players will sort this out themselves.

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@Manitou: Your first question has two different view points and Blizzard has to consider both… Both the numbers that leave and those of new arrivals to certain realms. I am thinking they want a bit of stabilization for a few days, launch the BGs and then re-examine the situation again.

For the second question, this is not a permanent thing, just that BG launch will assumably have some impact and that impact is not necessarily identical on all realms due to highly variable size of them.

As for a new PvE realm… As far as I can tell, all three currently have shrinking, BUT still significantly large number of actives, so a new one is not very likely unless they decide to vent excess PvP realmers to a new location… Which a few people would undoubtably take, question is more would it be enough many? On a very general level PvP to PvE transfers are not super popular, but some people have requested them.

Overall, the situation is rather complicated and prone to change in differing ways depending on the specific realm. This is just my view, but probably large guilds should hold still to maintain cohesion, while lone wolves and tiny, agile guilds that were thinking of going, should go ASAP…


You guys killed our realm Flamelash… GG blizzard


Because then you are stuck where you are and when the inevitable happens and BG’s don`t solve the problems that have been raised on these forums regarding WPvP then they will introduce Paid Transfers…Kerrrrching

Just my opinion tho so probably a hundred million miles away from what will actually happen :smiley:


IMO blizzard just closed them to stop bleeding happening when they are releasing xrealm bg’s and seeing how that will affect the realm populations.

They have no reason to force people to play on, so called faction “dead” servers in the future.

People who chose pvp were probably expecting wpvp happening in the future.
And taking that away from them isnt fair.

Server merging or re-opening transfers is coming soon after xrealm bg’s.
Trust me, they do not want to sink their moneytree now


I hope so, but restricting transfers to stop bleeding is so strange. In vanilla they did same thing on us servers, they let some realms die and opened new ones to satisify unhappy players by giving them fresh start bait.

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@Jop: You may see some possible views in my reply to Manitou a bit above…


is it only pvp to pve?

wonder how many threats of “please give us transfer because of wpvp - its so unfair” XD


Like everything this is a question about supply and demand :slight_smile:

Like what made Classic a reality? It was a big demand by the players that was registrered by Blizzard, even if they were sceptical at first. The facts showed the demand was there.

So maybe the right approach to new servers is to check if the demand is there? Even if PVE servers are shrinking a bit, that doesnt mean the demand for a new pve server is not there. Maybe people want a fresh server, or maybe people realize they want to play on a Pve server, but dont want to spend months leveling a new caracter?

Paid caracter tranfers were a thing in Vanilla because there was a demand for it.

All im saying is that Blizzard should be more active when it comes to figuring out what the players want - the demand, instead of misinterpreting the data and comming to conclusions like “they think they do, but we know they really dont” :wink:

If you count the number of posts about pvp to pve transfers and new realms, its pretty obvious there is some kind of demand here. Maybe its not big enough, but who knows? maybe it is?

Maybe Blizzard have ways to communicate with players about their demand that i dont know about. But as a player myself i cant really say that i feel this communitacion myself atleast. So how would they know the demand for a new pve server for instance is not there?


Lets be really crystal clear here. The issues with faction shifts are purely down to the toxicity of Horde players. Camping every inn and every questing zone in the open world is why people leave. 5 60s killing level 20s is not world PVP. They have set a deadline, because if battlegrounds don’t fix things, it will get worse.

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@Manitou: I have to leave for school for couple of hours quite soon, but I will relatively quickly comment on this particular part. That “a bit” part is that problem point. By my most optimistic estimate, they lost a minimum of 1 500 to 2 250 players from those three realms alone within two weeks. IF I believed (I do not) a few other people, who have a habit of using excessively large values for certain things, the loss would be even bigger, somewhere between 15 000 and 24 000 within the past month.

As said, those values are estimates by multiple people, but whether they fit your idea of “a bit”, would be interesting to hear. Now I have to go for a bit. I will check the thread, when I am home again. :slight_smile: