Free character tranfer


hi, i would like to ask if i can receive frre charcter transfer from server burning legion to any other ENGLISH or CZECHOSLOVAKIA speaking server. The reason is that i joined burning legion because it was high populated(according to server selection menu) AND english. However, everybody is speaking Polish there, i can not even talk to people in rfd, nor trade chat, nowhere.
So my question is - am i eligible for free character transfer? or is there any way i can at least join guild from other server which i eng speaking?

(Grelier) #2

There are no free server transfers active currently as far I know and you can’t join guild from other realms*.

*Connected realms being the only exception.


Hello Ladikdorumu,

There are currently no free character migrations; you can read more about them here. The only way to move your character to another realm would be via the paid character transfer at this moment.

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