Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

nice :slight_smile: hope to see more ppl over at pyrewood

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND FOR THIS GAME!! just putt all the damn servers together?! why in the name of F*** is there 30 servers + with barely 5+ people online ea server?! when Blizzard EASY can merge most servers together to make one or few mega servers… i seriously can not understand why blizzard have not done it…


Try and read the answers before screaming. Blizz HAS already done this … at least partially. For instance EU English is NOT the many servers you see on log in, but only 5 (1 PvE, 2 PvP, 1 RP-PvE & 1 RP-PvP).

Open the realm transfers again Gehennas is dead or we gonna stop playing and stop paying

Open free transfer from Nethergarde Keep to Firemaw please.

Hello Kaivax, It’s really lovely you guys are offering so many free migrations to the Classic servers, but you’re not addressing this to the original retail players going through the same problem.

If you sort all the realms list, you’ll find mine next to the New player realms. And its a merged 7 realms connected realm network, meaning we each have less folks than the New player realms. Help!?

I’m a guild leader, one of the few left on my realm network, I’m very disapointed by your absence in dialogue.

Perhaps you’re just busy, if so good luck with what ever is your priority now.
Hope you’ll adress this with at least a modicum of interest.

Also in regard to the post from Blizzard on the State of Burning Crusade Classic Server Population.

I said it two years ago and at the beginning of TBC Classic: Please only allow unique player names. Because then you can easily merge servers in retrospect. Therefore, a suitable solution would be to merge servers (now or in the near future) and allow the following option in the case of name conflicts: (First, all player names that have not played WoW Classic for more than 12 months are stored in a “Res-Pool”) All players who have a name conflict, can decide within a month whether they want to keep their name or create a new name from the “Res-Pool”. This could be used to get unique names. And in the end, after merging, the “Res-Pool” becomes available to all other players.

Another solution for the future would be to create new servers for Wotlk, on which only unique names are allowed.


I saw the post on the community council forums about the server population.
There was a great emphasis on you not wanting to create unhappy players, not wanting to force changes. And as such you are still monitoring the whole free transfer situation.

Now I beg of you to open up the transfer off the servers that have completely died to all their normal transfer options.

Just a month before you opened up the transfers my guild decided to move from a dying PvP server to a PvE server. I was very excited when the free transfers were announced, as transfering is expensive, and so I would finally be able to move my alts over.

But that was not to be the case. The extra restrictions imposed for these transfers mean my alts are still stuck. And now not just on a dying server, but on a stone cold dead one.

If you are constantly monitoring the free transfers, please change the restrictions for these completely dead servers, to follow the normal transfer rules. That would make the last of us who are still stuck very very happy.
Thank you

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who didn’t see this coming tho

Blizzard force all Pve players to move to Pyrewood Village and all Pvp players to Firemaw.
logged in in a few server today Lakeshire had 6 Horde players just move them all to Pv

No. I dont want them to abuse their power either. But like I said, this is THEIR game, we only pay them to be allowed to play their game. And I only want them to move everyone to ensure the survival of the game.
I read daily about ppl complaing about “dead server”. But that tends to happen when they spread out players on all of these realms and then think that cross-realm is the answer.

And I appplaude you for doing so. I know that they are connected via cross-realm function. What I try do adress is that they are having players spread out on so many realms. Each and every realm on Classice Era realms are low populated. By Blizzard (Sorry, Microsoft now) moving every account to 1 or 2 servers perhaps, is gonna make the cities feel more alive during peek hours.
Like I’ve said before, they own all of our accounts, we’re only allowed to play their games becuase we pay for it.

So I still vote for moving every account on Classic Era to 1 or 2 PvP servers, those enjoying PvE plus RP should also be moved to 1 or 2 PvE servers. And then have these servers connected via Cross-realm when it comes to BG’s and RDF.

Thank you.

I do not really see the difference between how it is now - we log in to our realms and play together, as they function as one already (I talk about the PvE here PvP is still 2 realms) - and your suggestion.

Concerning BGs all of Europe, all languages, PvE, PvP and so on is already one pool

All this transfering to firemaw is great, i love not bieng able to play the game i pay for.

go pve realm

will there be an enddate for the transfers?

Free trannsfers :rose:

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I would like free transfer to Hydraxian for my characters plz…

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Can i plz get free transfer from Mirage raceways to Hydraxian Waterlords. I have found a guild there which a living the classic dream and game. Classic era here is dead to me, but i would really love to move 2 or 3 characters to play there.
Playing with friendly likeminded people is what its all about…

Blizzard plz just open up