Free Loot Crew m+ guild recruiting!


Free Loot Crew is a guild for people who wants to push m+, some people may have high score already and others who show that they are willing to give it what it takes are welcome as well… I just decided to give the game another shot, so my score is gonna go up high next few weeks, if you want to push with me and my crew now is the time! Mainly focusing on the push ofc but it will be possible to gear an alt as well at some point ofc. Also m+ boosting may start to be something we will start doing really soon. It’s all really new atm, but we already got a stable core to build on, even though we are still looking for more people for the main team/teams!! If you are in a raid guild already and don’t want to leave that we have a community as well, also for people cross realm if we meet someone decent! The goal is not to build a really big community but more a place where people can push together and where people know each other, so I don’t think we will be recruiting for a super long time, however good players are always welcome ofc!!
Anyway that was it for now add my btag/discord or contact me ingame if you are interested!!
Btag: Shredded#2760
Discord: Shredyo#9175

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