Free mini-artworks

Yup, as all of us wanted a nice freebie. I suggest we don’t post new commissions here for a while, till she manages to finish most of the pending ones - she does us a favor, this should be the least we could do :smile:


Hey guys. I’m working on a commission now and finishing some of my own illustrations ^^ (+ lil health problems irl)
Don’t worry, I’m remember about your characters and watching your screenshots to find something interesting to draw


P.S. Sometimes I posting process in my twitter so u can watch to know whats going on ^^


New commission artwork ._.


Awesome as always

can you draw a pile of dead gnomes? Everybody loves dead gnomes.

Amazing drawings btw, you probably could get paid for commissions of this quality. Unless you are drawing this trough an AI ofcourse ( you never know these days)

Could this be most wholesome forum thread? :blue_heart:
In the light of Embers of Neltharion - Any chance we can see niffens?


oh, what an honor for me to hear that from Blizz ^^
I will draw Nifflens for you :3


Nice to see you return! I made a freebie art thread too as I saw you were inactive! :hearts:
Your art is very huggable :teddy_bear:


oh, you`re an artist too? ^^
I was busy IRL+ I can write at forum when my gametime is over so yeah… :sweat_smile:

Now I’m drawing an artwork of Azure Span location and starting to re-draw my old conics about my worgen hunter, I’ll show it later here if someone want to see ^^


there is a sketch as a preview to my comic story ^^"


Your art is absolutely amazing, I adore it! If you ever find time to do one of the freebies again i’d love to see my duck and my goblin together <3 Good luck with everything and your commissions further <33

http s://


hey! nice arts :slight_smile: Could you do my main by any chance?

http s://

Yazz <3 You inspired me to doodle people! I hadn’t drawn anything properly in like a year due to my depression, so really; thank you ^^ :purple_heart:

Draw an Orcish rugby team about to kick the ball however… the ball is a GNOME!

Your art is absolutely amazing, I don’t usually or ever type on forums, but this had to be noted.
If you aren’t too overworked I’d absolutely love if you could give a dear memory of mine a try, but even if that’s not possible, I’d still love to keep track of the work you are putting here
Keep drawing, you are doing wonderfully

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What in the Lights name is a “niffen”? :o

I think it’s the new rep/race in 10.1, mole people basically.

You mean Mule-like?

Edit: Nevermind. Just learned how different the words “mole” and “mule” are :rofl:

Please give me mule-people for next playable race, this would be amazing!

Lovely artwork.
Can i have one with me and my friend together?
I would love to see my grumpy orc with the happy pandaren :slight_smile:
Orc (Warlock): http s://
Pandaren (SP): http s://