Free T-Shirt Day (on Friday 16th)

(Punyelf) #1

I just noticed on my in game calendar that it’s ‘Free T’shirt Day’ tomorrow.

I have no idea what to expect but I presume a free t-shirt :laughing:


Who doesn’t love shirts?! <3



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(Punyelf) #4

Judging by that profile pic I can see, indeed, you are averse to wearing chest pieces of any kind :laughing:

(Moritz) #5

Sounds pointless :smiley:

(Punyelf) #6

I only have 88/105 shirts, I think I could do with more.

(Moritz) #7

There are 105?
Okay bring on the free stuff

(Punyelf) #8

I think some are from this event, I was trying to look them up.

(Someoneelse) #9

Yes, some nice ones imo.

As I recall from the PTR there’s an NPC shooting shirts out of a cannon.

Thanks for reminding me.


dang it, I thought I was getting a free real life tshirt.
dang x2


Its rare to have a microholiday that actually gives you a reward wich is not a buff that last for a week


Well, i remember they mentioned before as something that is coming but i gotta admit i missheard it to be wet t-shirt day, which did sound bit weird at the time but considering other additions to game i didn’t think further. Sort of disappointed now to have potential water fighting day turning into something else, but i do like free t-shirts so yey!

(Punyelf) #13

Oh dear me! Wet tshirt :scream:


you are a brilliant mind, that’s why!

(Leafkettle) #15

What a stupid event. A NPC shots shirts out you can’t easily see. On top of that people on Draenor-EU block themselves by mounting up. It’s really a mess of an event.

Heads up: You lose the new title after four days.


There are vendors around the world that sell unique T-Shirts, like “Threads of Tirion” (this one I can confirm, found it). So… see it as a little event to search for the vendors. Well, or wait until fan sites tell you where to go.

(Apawi) #17

Here are the vendor locations

Zangara, talador
Light’s Hope
Lower City
Valdisdall, Stormheim
Silkfields, Valley of The Four Winds
Grizzlemaw, Grizzly Hills
Everlook, Winterspring


Thanks mate!

(ßubbletea) #19

I want more shirts for nicer mogs ! With the hide chest option you can create with shirts ! I cant wait

(Scrooloose) #20

Please add an auto dismount feature to players who are withing 10 yards of the Stormwind/Org Entertainer vendor that patrols throwing out T-shirts.

People are purposely riding the biggest mounts they have to block the vendor simply because they can.

https:// i.imgur dot com / pYkmfbr.jpg