Fresh realms when

fresh when bros we need fresh realms

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Ban you for spamming and necro when


why so toxic

I’d guess that Sulfurina can read, and knows, like any literate forum participant, that creating multiple threads on the same subject and spamming alike messages are banning reasons. A look at your activity log will suffice for any moderator.

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There will be a fresh server in 4 days. But not a blizz one.

a world wide realm? lag free? pog!

When? goood luck:

According to Jeff Hamilton, Senior System Designer on Warcraft, theres almost no work being done on World of Warcraft right now. Due to the ongoing lawsuit,

Why do you want a fresh classic server? So you can play the same narrow, boring meta you already played 100 times in your life, in an attempt to become the server VIP which you are never going to be anyway.


Haha throwing out a question, and answer it beforehand, priceless.

I think that yes, re-experience that journey along with everyone else during same level range.
Nothing complicated :slight_smile:

It’s the pure glory of everyone being fresh, where new items has a value, you trade back and forth with people you meet, helping out, teaming up for difficult quests.
Its on its way!

FRESH WHEN ?? :frowning:

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fresh ofc :frowning: pls

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