Fresh Start ? Everyone talking about Hydraxian Waterlords

So i’ve seen comments on forums, guild posts and even reddit. Guilds on Hydraxian Waterlords offering a " fresh Start" experience. So decided to do some investigations to see if this was true. How successful ?

Well to my surprise it’s happening , it’s working and it’s exciting.

On horde side there is 2 guilds on Alliance 4 guilds. I Saw players on every zone on /who

Spoke to people in those guilds and they say they get 2-3 fresh restart players per day.

I decided to level up 2 toons Alliance and Horde to see what the leveling experience is like and how " REALLY" active are these guilds ?

To my surprise very active and very active discords. Lots of people on voice chat just having a coversation , having a laugh , 2 dungeon groups going. I leveled a mage on both sides to see how hard it would be for instance running. ( Rolled dps exclusive to make the results less skwered)

So I got to 18 on my hordie in 1 day , I had 2 rfc runs and 1 WC run. Very shocked and suprised to find a group fairly easy.

On Alliance I got to 18 took around 30 mins for a DM group to form. Not too bad.

All i’ve got to say is your looking for a community , tight knit guilds , definately worth checking out Hydraxian Waterlords.

I asked what classes were most needed ? Both sides all responded we don’t care just come and play what you like , bring yourself not the class.

Auction house ? Economy ? It’s all done on the Neutral AH in booty bay and players are still selling stuff 40g plus. The faction specific AH’s are dead because the guilds help each other out. However there are guildless casuals that throw mats and good items on AH. So for leveling proffs not an issue.

The only con obviously for me was I like wpvp and Hydraxian Waterlords is PVE only but it’s a sacrfice i can make.

So trying it out , speaking to the players , speaking to new players who just came on the server. I think atm it is the best alternative solution to your classic era needs.

I will be leveling on here for the future. I hope to see more of you on there :smiley: maybe chatting on discord.

It’s low pop like all classic era servers so it’s up to the community and the players to make it a success. They sure are doing a good job at it.

That’s my 2 cents on this new upstart by the classic community. Thanks to the players I spoke too and thanks to the officers of these guilds giving me some insight.


Always interesting to get an outside view on what we are trying to do, your post reached our Discord just now !

Regarding the “The only con obviously for me was I like wpvp and Hydraxian Waterlords is PVE only but it’s a sacrfice i can make.” we are having tight connections with Alliance and there is WPVP events being planned on a weekly basis. I also met a few players running around with /pvp activated on both sides to get PVP going outside the STV Arena.

Hope you´re staying around!


I am having a blast so far! The community is amazing.


Can confirm - having a damn good time so far and it’s only going to be better.


Quality over quantity, and Hydraxian Waterlords have a whole lot of quality.


Thanks for the review, it’s so good to see so many people enjoying the community. It was the nicest forum post I’ve seen in a long time regarding classic era activity.

What I think made the server work is:
a) we have a lot of people that take it easy, play casually, just do the quests in all the zones and talk in chat, none is super competitive and want to rush thigs
b) we have a few people that stayed behind after the BC split and they mostly focus on helping others
c) those that play a lot more then the average are ALT-oholics with numerous alts on different leveling stages so it’s easy to find someone to quest with
d) for this community social aspects are more important then game system aspects.

Right now, two months after the split, we have a good number of 60s on the horde side and they are already doing UBRS every few days, needing only a few more for 20-man raids. And that’s because the more casual players like myself are taking their time to level. In about 1-2 months I would bet we will start seeing the first 40-man raids if things keep going this way.


About chat and “having a laugh” - is it twitch one (kekw and nonsense like that) or normal humans one?

I really like your question :slight_smile:. Join our discord on a Friday evening and you will see for yourself

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need real fresh no fake fresh

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They are leveling from scratch , leveling proffs from scratch doing content from Scratch

I mean how much more fresh can that be , it’s not like they are Naxx players throwing all the gear in the bank and wearing greens.

These players seem to be new to the server. With not much of anything.

Sounds fresh to me.

How about you throw a bone and give these guilds some street cred instead of talking them down. Why do most classic players just sit in their cities QQ’ing instead of playing with like minded people … even if that means re-rolling or playing fresh on a new server I don’t get it.

To quote Asmongold : " Classic Andy’s man , complain all day , don’t play the game"


The people here are leveling up and gearing up. They’re running 5-man dungeons most of the time, and they’re super happy and excited when they get to do UBRS. This feels more fresh than this game at release, with everyone being a meta slave and raiding first week.


You could start by specifying what you want from a fresh. Grind like a nutcake to open AQ gates? Have a shot at the mount?


How alive is this still?

I’ve logged on and done a /who on Alliance side and only got 24 people on at the weekend?

I was expecting a bit more to be honest

Ouch, same here.

It’s like a movie with bad score, but you decide to watch it anyway. Only to realize the movie is a 9/10.

If everyone that come to HW to check if it’s a place to play wouldn’t quickly leave because they saw a low population number. The number would be in the hundreds.

Every day there are numerous new players commenting the population asking how dead it is.

“all” want pretty much the same, we are trying to build up from the ashes and it’s difficult to do so alone and with major resistance in the form of “dead/museum/whatever”.

We are not that worried anymore though, it’s growing steadily and we have big activities on the horizon. It’s like a fresh, even more so without the zoom crew that’s gone to TBC.


You can’t expect people to gamble their time on a server that might ‘‘die’’ in a few weeks.


Yeah, was an interesting project

You made a mistake going to that isolated corner to start fresh. There are barely ten veterans left on the entire PvE cluster, if those ten players impact your fresh experience (which I know you don’t mind, given the Lakota Mani presence on HW) it might just be to boost your lonely soul. We’re slowly accruing people on the PvE cluster on Horde, doing 20-mans and Ony working up to do MC+ once more. Your project is great and I support it but am afraid that without some heavenly influx you won’t keep the minimum critical mass to make people stay; I know it will cost you to transfer, it cost us, who also moved from HW, too.


Im there. And its dead.

Friday we start fresh classic, google Darrowshire


Ye let’s not join the ongoing attempt…but start one more.

Flawless logic.