Fresh TBC servers

Dear Blizzard,

As a returned player I would like you to implement at least 1 Burning Crusade server. You see Vanilla is good, but I would like to enjoy the journey of Draenei and Blood Elf characters before it was unbalanced (imho) in Wotlk. Besides, content in Vanilla and TBC is somewhat related to overall WC3 story which makes it rather special for older players like myself.

I gather there are people still who would like to enjoy the TBC content. Please advise if one EU server is doable?



Blizzard never post here and I don’t think they even read these forums. Your only way to get this to them, and it’s not an original idea btw, would be via a suggestion ingame.

Come on guys! Show some love to the topic. Let’s push this further and get a few more likes and shares!!!

If Blizzard were going to do it they would have at the end of TBC, like Era.

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