Fresh when?

Fresh Classic (Vanilla) that is. My sub is running out but I would like to keep playing but I just can’t force myself to like TBC no matter how hard I try the expansion is just so trash that iI can’t fool myself into thinking it’s good. And the era realms don’t appeal to me either. What am I supposed to do? Weren’t we promised servers for old expansions? Well, we have that, but surely there is no point to “museum” servers. We need seasonal and fresh to build hype and new communities.


But keep Crusader strike or make more players more willing to wana help out?

Not sure why you are posting here OP and adding to the spam about it, make a suggestion ingame about it, the more that make it the more it might happen.

I doubt they will do seasonal servers though.

The best feedback you can give is the poll they do when you cancel your sub. They read that more than forums. So, cancel your sub, and write “me want fresh me sad”.

Fresh when


Hopefully soon!
After all, this is Blizzards idea, love it.

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