Friendly Hunter LF raiding guild :)


Hello there! 415 ilvl bm hunter that been on a break and havent done much raiding in BFA is looking for a guild on any server to meet some new buddies and do m+ and some casual raiding, my name is Benji, im 28 years old and is not taking the game hardcore of any kinds, im free to raid on Sundays and wednesdays, i will be able to move to the server you guys are on in 2 days, hope to hear from any guild who needs a hunter in their roster!

Best Regards! :slight_smile:

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Please see below and If you are keen drop me a message


<Sanctus Pauci>

  • Faction - Horde
  • Server - Wildhammer/Thunderhorn (EU)
  • Raid days - Wednesday & Sunday
  • Raid times - 8:30 - 11:30 (server time - GMT+1)
  • Website -

About us: If you are a competitive player looking to progress heroic and mythic, or a more casual player looking to join an active social community, then Sanctus Pauci may be the right guild for you! We offer an accessible and enjoyable raiding experience: we make sure to include all those that are interested, and we look to resolve our problems with advice rather than benching or not bringing someone along.

For the sake of progression we have some minor expectations for our raiders, but ultimately our goal is for everyone to have a good time. Aside from raiding, we regularly run M+ as full guild groups, with there also being opportunity to get involved in PvP, island expeditions, achievement runs, and more. Outside of the game, many of our members enjoy socialising via the guild discord server.

How to apply: Submit a brief application on our website

For any further enquiries, feel free to message one of our officers: Grate#2977 or Tropin#2704

Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Hey there please add me on battlenet.



Hey there man! :slight_smile: i added you so we can have a chat! ^^