From Ashes 6/9M - Kazzak

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Hello and thanks for your time.
The reason of creating < Ashes > is simple, guilds are not they used to be in the past, exciting, disciplined, keeping you motivated to continue to play the game and i intend to bring the old style.
Guild was created in january for Battle of Dazar’alor, we currently have stable roster with 22 raiders, but looking to increase it to 25+. Why increasing the roster? To speed up progression by beign able to adjust comp acordingly to encounters, some requier more ranged dps etc. If we bring any interest join the discord link at bottom.

Currently in need of experienced raiders:

Tanks : Closed
Healers : Closed
Melees : Only Exceptional players
Ranged DPS : Looking for experienced raiders - Shadow priests,Elemental Shamans, Warlocks,Mages.

Looking for people to fill positions listed below:
2x Advertisers : Keeping guild reputation at good level, finding potential buyers for boostruns.
1x Recruiting staff - Looking for potential new recruits.

Raiding Schedule
Wed 19:30 - 22:30
Sun 19:30 - 22:30
Mon 19:30 - 22:30


Previous mythic experience is a must
► Add-ons (The Below Addons are a must)
Weak Aura
Exorsus Raiding Tools
RC Loot Council
Keeping your char up to date with current meta is vital.

What < Ashes > Can Offer YOU!

► A Guild that will keep you entertained
► A way to earn some gold coins via boosts
► Cutting Edge every tier and aim for respectable Rank
► Consumables for Progression
► High M+ Keystones
May offer you 50% or 100% funds for realm transfer.

What I Expect From YOU!

  • Disciplined
  • Positive
  • Maintain high level of performance
  • High attendance rate
  • Patient - Battle of Dazar’Alor will be our first raid and it will be rough.
  • Loyalty
  • Working Mic
  • Long-term member
  • Taking part of tactical discussions

If this bring you any interest to you can apply here :

Resto druid LF mythic raiding team
Mythic Raiding Group LF Guild

Update : Looking for 1 tank BDK/Paladin
Healers : Resto druid , Shaman , Paladin
Ranged DPS : Warlocks,Hunters, Ele shaman?
Melee: 1 Warrior, 1 Monk

Also still looking for Raid leader - have special offer for him


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[H] 383 İLvL 1493 Rio Havoc Dh LF Guild
(Flameguy) #4

Still have spots left to fill, don’t hestistate to join in discord and ask.

383 IL priest or 370 DH LF Draenor [H] Mythic

Looking for exceptional Holy Paladin and Warlocks, can pay realm transfer.


Looking for 1 Brewmaster or Prot paladin paying transfer


i have both BDK and prot pala and im constantly active and online and keeping update with current content, the guild im in im just a social and im allowed to leave if i wish to raid else where by the recruitment officer.

add me up RobemHood #2703

thank you guys

ps. im already on kazzak xD


Hello i am 5/8M BM hunter and my guild disbanned so i am currently searching for one, if you re interested please add me or contact me because i couldnt find another way to contact you.



Hey all, now currently looking to bolster our Mythic+ team with tanks and dedicated healers


Looking for Holy paladin for main roster join discord for further discuss


Still looking for Holy Paladin any realm.

(Flameguy) #13

Looking for 2 healers to join our team. Join


Looking for Ranged DPS Prefer Warlocks, Ele shaman, Shadow priest, Boomy

(Flameguy) #15

Looking for exceptional, motivated, experienced Ranged dps and Disc priest our furter progression ,

(Oldflame) #16

Currently progressing on Mekkatorque, lf motivated raiders