Frost Death knight nerfs

Congratz blizzard, you killed of frost DKs with the recent nerfs. They were far from top in PVE or PVP and still received a large nerf. Why? There are other classes and specs that are way more overpowered still. Why target frost DK?


cause they have no idea what they are doing


So you making conclusion on class balance for Shadowlands what have absolutly nothing to do with state of dks in BFA? Btw frost dks do more than fine you are just entilted.

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here’s to more proof that blizz management and devs have no clue what the hell they’re doing with this class.

cheers and enjoy my refund


Just because he is better than shaman doesn’t mean that he is good


Where? In BFA or Shadowlands? Why you compare BFA dk with Shadowlands DK when game and balance is completly new and different?

Who talked about bfa dk? Didn’t see any mention of bfa above

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So nerfing obliterate and nerfing pillar of frost on frost dk. forcing us into yet another god damn breath build wich the majority dont even bloody like…
nerfing death strikes to the point where we dont have any self healing in pvp.
Frost DK wasnt even on the top shelf as it was and you go and nerf us ?

Meanwhile the sub rogue are killing players with theire openers, ret pallies dont have any cd on hand of freedom, self heal from here to the moon and back.
shadowpriest has so much self heal we cant even begin to threaten them even in our burst window…



It’s difficult to express how angry i am at this change.
Honestly, i was ready to call it quits right here and now cause this is always the same “thing” with WoW devs and i’m tired of this dance.
Once upon a time i was excited for this expansion and i can even overlook the balance mistakes, but what i cannot handle are these random changes to screw with us, without anything as a word to explain why.

I gave up on picking a main for this expansion cause you devs always find a way to screw it up!

Staying on my Ret? Oh sorry we removed your blessings and your AoE heal utility cause effu that’s why.
Annoyed… ok i will find something else that is to my like and has utility. Here! Frost DK. Has a cool new animation and can use a 2H now, just up my alley. Seems slightly behind DW but enough to still be competitive.
I have been preparing my DK on live for months now, despite not being amazing in any way, but it was an investement. Come pre-patch, corruption shanenigans will be gone and i might be able to compete again.

Psyche! We destroyed 2H obliteration frost! Huge pillar of frost nerfs!
At that point, i am done. I am done with these devs constantly fighting the community and doing the opposite of what is good for the game.

I would’ve checked out here, but then i noticed i made the mistake of buying shadowlands with blizzard credit, so the money is lost one way or another.

You got until the first month of the xpac. Fix it or i’m gone. I have no more faith and no more hope. There is no more negotiating and leaving feedback to be ignored.
Fix it or i’m off for good this time.


What a big middle finger to the face.

Looks like 2H frost got OBLITERATED.

Glad I didn’t preorder this time around, as I was expecting a stupid move like this to happen.


Can we at least get the obilt damage% and the killing machine frost damage abilities moved from 52-58 down to 42-48? Might make prepatch a bit more bearable.


Dude 42-48% obliterate seem way overpowered, 20-22% would suffice. BLIZZARD NERF FROST DKs they are too strong, they are oneshotting cow npc’s outside of stormwind and thats unacceptable. Give the cows a chance!


I mean the levels at which you learn them. Maybe I was unclear.

That nerf should be reverted asap. If it will hit prepatch like that or even shadowlands Im sure a lot of people will leave after they finally got 2h and blizzard nerf it into unusable category.


Rogue, mage, lock are untouchable. Dk is just another expendable spec.

Imagine if the dps tier list were turned upside down with enh shaman and feral on top tier, and rogue/mage/lock on bottom.

Community would go mad.

When people give examples of broken specs they never mention these three. They are still buthurt tho that ret pala had its prime once in wotlk and feral and enh some other time. and dks in wotlk and dhs in legion/bfa etc.


Just roll rogue/mage/lock.

They are the babies of blizz since 2005 and community has been brainwashed to accept that this is how it should be.


You know something is wrong when Frost Strike is hitting harder than Obliterate.


It would be nice to get an explanation for these nerfs. These changes feels so unnecessary, I mean, why nerf powerwise a decent/mediocre spec to the ground?


I’m not that active of a DK player but even I am perplexed by that change.

Frost DK already on the weaker side - they can’t outtrade any melee aside from Enhancement Shaman and may be Arms Warrior.

They supposed to be unstoppable juggernaut, slow but inevitable yet paladins can burst them down and denying healing with BoP or bubble, and with world of Glory thay also have option to sacrifice damage for heals, Fury Warriors got better sustain and just outlast them, especially now with Ignore Pain back, DH got blur to screw up self heals and feral/rogues bleed them dry from the safe distance.

At this point I do not see anything going for Frost DK, with return of Word of Glory palas can do almost everything they can (aside from BRes) but better.

Hell they can’t even trade with Spriest atm without being utterly destroyed and outsustained.


Frost is demolished as there’s no way Blizzard is reverting theses changes as that means they have to admit they were wrong which is not something they do.

They would rather leave a spec to rot for multiple expansions than take a blow to their ego.