Frost DK in PVP


Terrible Terrible Terrible. We actually tank better than Blood Death Knights in PVP atm due to Lichborne, Transfusion and a lower cost on Death Strike. Our damage is complete dogsh*t aswell, it’s like we are using plastic knives. Might aswell make Frost a tank specialization if that’s what you want.

Frost is supposed to be a slow moving killing machine badass. It is currently a meatshield riding a tortollan, no killing machine. Frost damage has never been remotely viable at all this expansion when it comes to PVP, doesn’t matter what talents you use. It went from being a PVP spec that brings OMEGALUL OP WTF damage output, to a spec that deals Z E R O damage. The only “decent” damage you can put out is with Chill Streak, that ability is still not scary lol.

And why is everything passive? This spec only has like 5 abilities as a whole at this point xd

*Take away like 50% damage from Auto Attacks and 25-30% from Frost Fever and add that damage to Obliterate, Frost Strike and Howling Blast (direct dmg), buff Obliterate by 15% and Frost Strike by 10% after that aswell. I mean, my Obliterates with Pillar of Frost, our “big damage cd” crits…CRITS for 12k outside PVP, about 10k in PVP xD Those crits in PVP should be 20K with Pillar of Frost atleast. Not to mention, Frost Strike hits like a wet noodle aswell.

*Frozen Pulse makes me and every other Frost Death Knight laugh. Delete it.

*Maybe buff Cold Heart in pvp aswell? crits for max 10k…xD Maybe turn that crit
into it a 30-35k crit? Since the cd is 40 seconds.

*Did I mention that Breath is a very unfun mechanic?

*Perhaps make Asphyxiate baseline and add Strangulate in it’s place. Delete “Death’s Reach” and add a Fear of 4-5 seconds in it’s place so you can choose between Blinding Sleet, Strangulate and Fear.


*Replace Empower Rune Weapon with Legion’s “Hungering Rune Weapon”.
“Empowers your rune weapon, gaining 1 Rune and 5 Runic Power instantly and every 1,5 sec, and granting 20% haste for 12 seconds.” 2 minute CD.

*Bring back the range of Frost Strike perhaps?

*Mirror Ball artifact trait perhaps?

*How about some fun mechanic with Razorice and other DK enchants? We had
this talent back in legion where Frost Strike would consume all Razorice stacks
for like 60% increased damage. How about making something similar to that

*Make haste work better with your rune generation so the spec feels smother to
play with less downtime.

Just some ideas to fix Frost DK in it’s current absolute disaster of a state.

Just delete breath please, Chillstreak too lol


Chill Streak gives me a good laugh when doing cap arenas and people end up dying to it jumping.


You want to talk about selfheals?deffensives?damage? Sure here i’m a lonelly arms warrior remembering the glory days of the past of my class/spec and crying how bad my spec is now. And why i’m playing fury instead of arms ( the spec I prefered for soooo long ) .
So no , its not only your class and by any means its not the worst class/spec atm.


Look at ladders. Look. At. Ladders.
Play it yourself, you’ll see.

[EDIT] I’m not saying that every other class is perfect either, but I’m a Death Knight main, and so, I will write about Death Knights. Specifically Frost Death Knights. Also suits, because like I’ve stated earlier, they are THE worst atm.


Frost and Arms received the same shaft imo. Too much dmg towards Frost Fever and Deep Wounds. The boring and unsatisfying gameplay applies to both specs. And yes I play (or used to play) both.