Frostbrand For Enhancement

Is it to late to ask for frostbrand? Windfury build doesnt need flametongue and it would be much better with some autoattack slows. Not a game changer, easy to add in to the game.

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I agree.
Just like flamtongue buffs lava lash, frostbrand could buff ice strike, make it root things. Could be pretty cool.

But then you lose windfury.

I mean, they could just make enchants passives like they used to be.

Why would we ?
It’s an imbue, you put frostbrand on off-hand, what are you on about ?
Windfury weapon is main-hand

But then you lose flametongue.

I mean, i guess it’s nice purely for allowing us to do it, but in the vast majority of cases you use flametongue anyway.

Yes, it’s the point !
You use Flametongue in the vast majority of cases because there’s no other option.
Frostbrand weapon imbue would be a nice plus in PvP.
I’m using a build that hasn’t lava lash talented, and I don’t have any use for Flametongue.

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