Frostwhisper vanilla/lvl 60 players

(Tiger) #62
Daaamn, many old names I remember here <3 funny how I remember alot of the alliance chars guys were mean :'( :D The community on the server was so awesome back then!

Played this cuddly dr00d mostly late vanilla-cata, then quit and recently came back :) Played a lock named.. Fridalill (named after my turtle.. pff) most of vanilla though.

Doombreed was my hero back in vanilla when I played lock ;) was mirin' alot!

Quale, Draugen, Dinjooh omg :D maybe more, didnt catch all the names, but I've played with you all! Do know I played alot with Zeratol too :) Meek, you were horde too in TBC or..?
FFFUU Zinji, Cordelia, Plastikk, Tetjes, Yoyo etc.. Getting ganked in Silithus etc by you, and a few times the other way around haha. Good times!

Mobilemedic; didnt know you were Hottentott :) nice to know!

(Nickehh) #63
Zylo's hands!

(Grimeye) #64
I used to hunt night elves in winterspring. Especially liked the hunters. Once I ganked 3 of them at the same time. I was 60 and they were 60. Frost trap + wyvern sting + scare beast + bandages + feign death + potions + medallion + blood fury + melee. Best day of my life.
Was a proud melee huntard. Still am.

(Eliminatorz) #65

I really miss the good old days on FW ^^
So many damn memories :D
List of names i remember is so long :o

Guilds: <Deguello> , <Original Rudeboys>, <Zenkai>, <Almost Skilled>, <Bruce Lee>

Zylopfa dude you the king! So nice to see you're still active and keeping Zylos alive haha!

Peace out

Eliminatorz / ExCeSe

(Chang) #66
<-- Proud member of Tempestas (plus hottest warlock on the realm:D)

A lot of familiar names, (hi Leaf, Nobkor, Damador^^) and memories from the golden era of WoW. I loved this server and community, the memories are coming back.

Still semi-active on Ravencrest (A).

(Aethalas) #67
Hallo! Aethalas <Almost Skilled> <In Denial> <D I N G>.

Casually active (haven't raided since Wrath). Nice to see so many old names!

(Theoron) #68
Theoron - Eclipse, Infinity, Eciipse.

After browsing through some ancient screenshots the nostalgia hit hard and I thought I'd check in. It's great to see so many familiar names, even if most have flown the nest.

Nothing will ever top the golden days of Frostwhisper.

(Grimhowl) #69
Inquisitor /waves

(Perkyy) #70
Perkyy, NE M Rogue and Perklock Gnome F Warlock.

(Meekzi) #71
25/04/2016 08:36Posted by Protiger
Meek, you were horde too in TBC or..?

Thats right man, i remember you! I played in Almost Skilled for a while in the beginning of TBC :)

(Nightrapture) #72
Storm Guard still exists... and i'm still playing aswell, much more lesser but still playing! :)
Remembering the very first line of pvp marshals with me in Frostwhisper: Dinjooh, Kusimeka, Skullcrusher, Nickmage, ecc.. i hope they are still playing!

Btw... hi zylopfa! I remember our neverending battles around the world :)

(Tarwe) #73
No mention of Sultan of Gadgetzan? The counter to Zylo's Hand!

I used to play as Yosei the Human Mage. He's actually still alive and level 60. Switched to the Horde in TBC to play a Blood Elf Mage, Xereant. I'm playing that one again, except he's renamed and transfered to Bladefist :(

A random grab from my old screenshot folder:

(Diamondtrim) #74
played same name rogue on alliance during vanilla regonized some names and could never forget some.

Nightmare in bg's
Zylo's hand camping peeps trying to farm in tyr's hand
etc etc

(Sosjojuror) #75

Lots of familiar names, I am still active in-game, but have toned down on forum spamming over the years.

SosJojURor of Storm, Frozen Fury, Knights of Solomnia, The Intrepids, Relics, Rocks, Luminescence, Doom Callers, Nameless Crusaders, a month in Eclipse two years ago (after wanting to get into the guild since vanilla), and now; Casual Excuse.

Good memories of sneaking into Org and dancing on the rooftops. :D

(Firrin) #76
Oh man, I always love to come back here once in a while.

Donc, gnome warrior &
Shacha, human paladin

Played in Eclipse, Infinity, Decerto and Solid.

Great to see so many familiar faces :) still playing on my lil' warrior.

(Hanneke) #77
Vanilla wow on Frostwhisper is an experience I'll never get again!

Fantastic days!

(Gunzlinger) #78
Gunzlinger here. rank 11 dwarf warrior. brother off the dwarf warrior vogel,
nickmage, i will find you.

(Shinigami) #79
I re-subbed today to hit 110... but that's probably all I'll do :)

I am guessing server still dead though!

(Lionblaze) #80
Well Magicrider, Qurus here. Played Compulsive tree huggers and DING. Dunno if someone remember. Still playing social.

(Forsetii) #81
PALIZED here... Paladin.. guild life I think I had .. Casual today nice to see all gankers is still around ;)