Frostwhisper vanilla/lvl 60 players

(Dawina) #102
18/09/2016 17:53Posted by Gunzlinger
Gunzlinger here. rank 11 dwarf warrior. brother off the dwarf warrior vogel,
nickmage, i will find you.


(Firefarts) #103
11/01/2018 21:46Posted by Førsaken
Still here, known as Forsaken now, previous Kahn or Zinjijinn have a good on Ravencrest ally all welcome.

Ur still on the server? and are u still alliance or horde? i remeber u in world pvp <3

(Miazara) #104
Xavalia here, played a shadow priest on Horde (named Xavalia before I changed to mage Miazara during WotlK). I believe the guild i was in there was Inquisition, during TBC I was part of Almost Skilled.

Was also rank 13 (warlord) Shadow Priest before I joined Inquisition.

(Shiqi) #105
Used to have my Nelf Hunter on Frostwhisper - Shinigami. Was in a lot of guilds over the years - Infinity, Solid, Decerto, Eclipse, and briefly switched to Horde and joined Almost Skilled (as a casual scrub).

I think like most of us, we all had such amazing times on Frostwhisper through Vanilla, TBC, WoTLK, etc, etc... those first expansions were truly amazing! Absolutely loved being on Frostwhisper, so many great people.

Moved my character a few years ago just because the server was beyond dead, it just felt sad to even stay on Frostwhisper when nobody was around... not that it was much better on Defias Brotherhood (I barely play now).

Might move my character back and just leave it to chill there forever.

(Spineblender) #106
Still here :)

(Numbnutz) #107
Hi :)


i was playing as ghostk undead rogue in inquisition guild.Very casual nowdays.Nice to see some familiar names.