Full rework of Ret Paladin, when?

Class is completely unplayable in 2v2

EU ladder shows above 1800:

Ret Paladin: 15 (fifth-teen)
Arms warrior: 210
Feral Druid 190
UH DK: 196
WW Monk, 184
DH: 318

The numbers speak volumes, not even 20 Ret Paladins can break 1800 in 2s, while the other melees are in the 100s

Ret has no real mobility
a magic dispel-able slow
a magic dispel-able stun
no mortal strike

Ret is useless in 2s against a healer + DPS comp, and it’s not viable in double dps set ups in Dragonflight due to higher levels of dampening.

Why is Ret so broken?


h ttps://check-pvp.fr/eu/Silvermoon/Elyeasa

found this ret from elwyn forest, i guess he has enjoyed it

over 1600 rounds on soloq as dps pushing 2888

thats about 60000 hours spent on que i imagine :joy:

propably played day and night just been on the que from when the ss was released

Spring 2023 ™
Honestly speaking Im excited for the change, hope something with similar style as WoD ret will come out

Very unlikely in realistic nature. Espically as WoD paladin still likely had more mobility then they want us to have.

Hopefully however the new iteration is a improvement of the currebt situation.

Well, good news

ht tps://www.wowhead.com/news/upcoming-retribution-paladin-rework-coming-in-patch-10-0-7-details-and-upcoming-331191#comments

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