Fury stil under performing in pvp

it doesnt make any seanse to play fury spec anymore in pvp lol
it seems blizz doesnt give af bout fury lol

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In Icy Veins It has weak talent trees which has auto attack from replacing Raging Blow into Annihilator…

Completely unenjoyable from my Worgen Fury Warrior


skill issue

im just waitin someone to start complain bout furys being op :slight_smile: and theyr gonna nerf fury even more lol :slight_smile:

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Not a skill issue with Ny´alotha being one of the worst raid tier for boring mobs, place and very hard mechanics and I have spent 7 hours in the second, third and fourth boss LFR and then 7 hours in N´zoth LFR

Still, playing warrior? Reroll to Retri Paladin. They will overperform, even after nerfs.

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what does this have to do with fury being played in shuffle at the high ratings

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But what I meant about the word “Skill Issue” from hearing them

But, about my fury warrior, I decided to pick different talent points and to enjoy something better than Icy Veins because Annihilator sucks so hard

icy veins is never a good source of pvp builds
being you i would start by looking at the top furys in shuffle and see what they are doing
ive seen joe “joefernandes” fernandes play a lot of fury and his twitch vods are not locked behind the sub so i would go watch him
and good luck!

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Warrior is the most hated class by blizzard. No point in playing warrior, maybe you can roll tank and go m+ like i did at the first nerf of DF season 1. If ypu dont want PvE only option is play warlock, i guarantee they will kerp warlock strong at pvp always, or the other favoured class Mage.

It’s same with frost dks, we even getting nerfed in pvp 24/7 while we about worste melee.

But I thought worgen were the best furry warriors around, was I mistaken?

Not mistaken

It is great from using darkflight and having passive Viciousness

it has nothing to do with skill issue, its just that fury is underperfoming while only 81 furys are above 2.4 and 922+ arms on 2.4 :slight_smile: noone plays fury anymore in pvp

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meanwhile r1 cutoff for fury in shuffle is r18 and affli cutoff is r8
there are lots of fury warriors out there

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