Fury/prot for dungeons TBC

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I saw someone suggesting a 17/41/3 build for BCC . I was wondering if it 'll be possible to tank while dual wielding .

I imagine that this is meant for dungeons as the raid bosses need a lot of mitigation (even though this guy suggesting the build doesn’t clarify)

If I 'm on the wrong thread sorry in advance

Tanking is about generating threat and damage mitigation. Teamwork is also important. In that sense everyone can tank who is able to generate a lot of threat.

Warriors in general have a variety of abilities that generate extra threat and it does not really matter what talents you have.

If the dps in your group are bad and they instantly nuke everything they have on mobs the second you pull then it doesn’t really matter what you do or what your specc is. If the healer is good then you might not need a lot of mitigation and you can basically “tank” as a dps warrior.

This is becomin less of a thing in TBC (normal -> HC -> progression). And AoE therat for dungeons will be important - reason why some casters want pala tanks. As a warrior you may want bombs, chilli and/or some damage-reflect items, maybe even Sporregar shield.

And if you will be Naxx geared then it will be easier to handle normal dungeons while if you are not overgeared then shield may be needed much earlier.

Dual-wield tanking isnt a thing in TBC because stuff actually hits hard and because Shield Slam is a big threat generator. Also, if you were to Dual-Wield as Prot you would still just go deep Prot, because the deep Prot talents allow you to generate lots of threat with very little rage.

Indeed a Prot Warrior using full DPS gear can even do passable dps by spamming Devastate with WW + HS in berserker stance when not tanking. But for tanking? Put a shield on and defense cap. Maybe you can play around with this when you’re in T6 gear doing Heroic dungeons, but even then you might as well just equip a shield for shield slam.

Fury/Prot as it exists in Classic Vanilla does not remotely exist in TBC.

Get yer shield out and watch yer slam countdown.

For levelling, go ahead, you dont need a shield. just a decent healer. Go fury or w/e
For heroic dungeons, you will be DESTROYED. really.
Prot warrior simply has so many more tools for aggro generation in tbc, revenge costs 2 rage and deals like 400 + dmg ( wich is ofc more aggro), devastate is actually good , thunderclap is useful in aoe situations and deals some decent aggro, and its usable in defensive stance. Just some examples .
so long story short, in raids no, in heroic dungeons maybe if you overgear a lot later into the expac, while levelling you can do it no problem.

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