<Gambits> Zandalar Tribe [H] [EU] [RP-PvP]

Gambits is looking for a couple more players for AQ40 and later Naxx.

About Gambits
We are a highly social guild that tries to have the most fun possible during raids, while making sure we clear content in an efficient way. This means you can expect a lot of laughter during raids, but silence at complicated boss fights. Gambits is the place for players that want to clear end game content and do this while really enjoying the company of their guildies. Our way of raiding has brought us to 8/9 in AQ so far, but due to a lack of players we haven’t been able to get Viscidus down yet.
Besides raiding we organise RP and PvP events.

Classes/roles needed
Everyone is welcome, but we mainly need Rogues, Warlocks, Resto Shamans and DPS Warriors.

Raid times
We raid 2 nights a week and apart from those nights we organise 20 man content.

Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 ST
Monday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST

We clear AQ on Sunday and usually do BWL on Monday. We try to squeeze in MC or Onyxia on Mondays if we get enough players.

Loot system
For the loot we use EPGP with a decay system in place that gives new players equal chances to veterans.

More info
On Discord dm:
@ Aurellia
@ Keyzer
@ Malio

In game whisper:
Malio / Shamalio
Lugzugs / Áurellia

Basically if you are looking for a socially active guild that has success in raids, there is no better guild than Gambits!

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