Game doesn't work after 8.1 patch


We’re the community of this GAME. BLIZZARD PLEASE FIX THIS GAME !!


Weekly patch didn’t fix any of it. I am very sure they fix it next week!


I’m not sure about anything i play this game since 2005 and blizzard ignore us. I am not suprised for why are they losing subscribers… Thats what it is…


My poor brain can’t decide that should I be furious or ashamed. -.-

I can’t beleave that they are so ignorant. I wonder what will happen if we reach 10k views….hmm…probably nothing.

I’ve checked the list of ‘known issues’ and they don’t mention our problem or anything similar.


I miss playing WoW. I kindly request Blizzard to fix this issue.

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We have been kind for 3weeks…


The problem is that this location is probably invisible to Blizzard proper, just EU support. It’s also not visible to anyone they really care about. If as many people complained on Twitter/FB about it as did here, you might get someone to notice.


Can’t believe they still haven’t fixed this yet. We’re paying customers here Blizzard! A reply maybe to know you’re aknowledging the issue and working on it?


when i created this topic its 22 day ago. Today its on 7.700 viewing and 448 reply on this subject BLIZZARD respect us ! I dont think thats legal. I pay for this game and i play very well since you released this patch. RESPECT US! I’m not the yesterday’s boy. I’m here since 2005. And playing since Warcraft Orcs And humans. I want a solution and i want this now. its been 22 day.


If anyone reading about this has the same problem, please write a reply so that they can understand the magnitude of this!


This is over. it seems they do not want to know about us, for 22 days this happened and for 22 days I bought a token and I’m glad I did not use it … but I still lost the last days I had to play and even then for 22 days still nothing. Really blizz? is this still not a problem that you think needs to be solved? Is it still our fault? of our pcs? do not you think maybe but only maybe that this was patch problem? I really hope they do something, because unfortunately I really enjoy your game and I think I should give Loures an opportunity even though they have not solved a problem that did not exist before. I still trust you blizz to resolve it fast please.


Hey guys,

following the recent news, you may know that Activision/Blizzard fired several people who worked in the support service. These people worked precisely in the European region. It seems to me that Activision begins to completely capture the once truly respectable company, from whose name everyone knew that their games would be masterpieces. I think they have a shortage of people to tackle this problem, or they don’t care What do we end up with?

1- from Blizzard quit many key employees who created the world of warcraft from the time of vanilla.
2- more and more marketers are working in Blizzard because of mergers and influence from Activision. These marketers are most interested in 3 things - money, money, and you just won’t believe it but it is again money.
3 - look at the BFA rating on the metacritic, the score of 3.1 points speak for themselves, even WoD is 5.9 points.
4- Activision badly affects Blizzard, due to the fact that Activision is interested in money, and Blizzard was initially responsible for the quality of the product. As a result, we get a game called Diablo Immortal. Mobile games currently make a lot of money, it is true, but the world has reacted negatively to this announcement. Fans of Diablo are right. In the creation of a mobile game is only interested Activision. If Blizzard would like to make a decent continuation, they would hardly disappoint fans. Companies such as EA, Activision have always been interested in money, they do not care about public, fans, to people who have spent several years developing truly quality projects. Bethesda Studios, earlier this company was respected by me, after the release of Fallout 76, its bugs, even the way they designed the bag when buying a special edition is disgusting. Respect and meaningful name over which the company has worked for many years collapsed. Because of what you ask - because of greed. Greed for money. This is waiting for Blizzard. I love warcraft, and I would like to work on the game to be honest, but only under the flag of Blizzard, not Activision.

And yeah, about that fix. Hard to say, but i dont think they gonna fix it, it may happen one day, my prediction is 8.1.5. Actually i dont care anymore.



I don’t give a f*@k if they’ve fired the half of the company. After how we are treated now they don’t deserve any of my empathy. It is actually really crappy to read what I’ve just wrote, and I never tought that I’ll ever say anything like this about them, but that’s it. (I watched some vids/red some artickles in these days about the mess what is around Blizz nowdays. Disturbing.)

We’ve bought the game. We’ve payed for the gametime. We want to play. We lost gametime. We lost money (not to mention our nerves).

This must be fixed!



AMD Radeon HD 6900M is not supported for BFA.
Please note that AMD Radeon HD ****M series and AMD Radeon HD **** series are not the same.

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I’m afraid Blizzard doesn’t care about us. Whether we’ve been playing for 10 years or just 4months, we’re all treated as equals and are all equally screwed. I don’t think they’ll make changes to their driver requirements just for us. Sad that this is the end after p(l)aying so so much and devoting so many years in this game. A refund would be great so people can buy another Blizz game, but I’m 99% sure we won’t see that. I hope you guys get your drivers fixed somehow, but I’m giving up, I did enough for Blizz and they did nothing for me/us in return. I always deffended Blizzard when people said that they don’t care about their players. Now I see they were right, they only care about profit. We are customers and not players.
Good luck everyone and thank you x


If your graphic card is outdated, then it’s up to you to make them compatible. And Blizz are not the one to blame. Check the system requirements and supported video cards list before blaming anyone.
On the other hand it’s their fault, 'cause issues like these happened before, and always ended up being fixed.
So the best way you may help them resolve it - is sending them a full report. Whining that you’re “outraged” wouldn’t help, as it never does, it’s disgusting and pathetic. Please, do grow up, and start acting like an adult.

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I’m not outraged? I’ve contacted Blizzard 4 times, many people have written polite statements on this forum. We haven’t heard anything for almost a month now, THAT’S what Blizzard is doing wrong. I get that an outdated driver is not their fault, but they could atleast respond here on the forums so that we have an answer and don’t need to check this forum every day. The only thing I ask is some respect from Blizzard. I’ve tried all the steps in order to fix this issue from my side so I think it’s time for Blizzard to inform is about what they will do next.
Regarding the driver, there’s nothing I can do since I use a laptop.
So to make it clear, I did sent them a full report, twice, but got no help. If there is anything else you recommend me to do, please say so.

The only thing I’m mad about is that they don’t even take the time to inform us. If that’s considered being childish, pathetic and disgusting…


Regarding the driver, there’s nothing I can do since I use a laptop.

If your issue is with not starting for 10-15 minutes and same while in settings then…
I’ve got the same problem.
The support stated that AMD+Intel “switchable” graphics were the problem, mostly models made between 2012 and 2014, which are “glitchy” - and AMD did nothing to fixed that for 5 years.
For some new cards drivers worked out - and it’s hard to find out which will work. The thing is that… drivers for both AMD and Intel cards may not be compatible for each other. It’s insane, but some AMD series still didn’t received new drivers since 2017, for Win8.1 and Win7. Also you may try Leshcat’s Catalyst 16.2.1 drivers.
For the others - changing/reinstalling the OS, that isn’t a solution, but some said that it worked for them.
Still there is no guarantee for none of us.
Also, there’re issues like this one in some other games

Hope that will help you.

it’s time for Blizzard to inform is about what they will do next

Only the few experienced this issue, that may be the reason why… or they don’t know how to fix it in time, since there were a lot of changes into the game with 8.1. Or maybe even both.
Any way, I have post from dec 13th, where support said that they know about the problem. Well that was in /ru/ section of the forum.

If that’s considered being childish, pathetic and disgusting

Whining about obsolete cards is childish, pathetic and disgusting - that they worked before 8.1 and not as fast after. As well as them crying that they will turn their backs to the company if they will not fix that immediately, and not acting on their whim.

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Thank you for all the info, I’ll try Leshcat’s Catalyst 16.2.1.
For the last part, I don’t expect them to fix it asap, I just would like to know IF there will be a solution in the future.